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14 JULY 2014
Windows error code 800736B3

Error code 800736B3 when installing Windows 7 updates

Yes, yes, now I can hear the first prophecies of doom: "Sir Apfelot's Apple Blog is already dealing with Windows problems! Where is this going?!?" ... but the situation is serious and certain [...]
12 JULY 2014
Apple Care logo

Telephone number of the Apple Support Hotline in Germany

Most of the time, the use of Apple devices is actually self-explanatory and even for newbies without support. In some cases, if you have caught a [Monday device-> Monday device] or contact Apple support for other problems [...]
12 JULY 2014
Take a screenshot of the Apple ID

Create an Apple ID - the guide for newbies

The Apple ID is a central account that you can secure yourself free of charge at Apple and that you also have to secure if you want to use an iOS device such as the iPad or iPhone. This gives you a [...]
9 JULY 2014
Morpheus Labs Dragonbite jar

Dragonbite Stylus: The pen cap with stylus functionality

Today an interesting particle came to me. When I opened the package, all I knew was that it was a stylus. However, a BIC pen and a small jar came to light. These […]
9 JULY 2014
Football World Cup 2014 infographic

Interactive infographic with competition for the 2014 World Cup

Anyone who reads my Facebook account will have already noticed that I am particularly interested in so-called infographics, which we use in our SEO agency as a link building tool (more on this here). I also share with others [...]
9 JULY 2014
BitTorrent logo

How can I open a .torrent file on a Mac?

Question: How can I open a file with the .torrent extension on a Mac? I have OS X Mavericks and am looking for a program for it ... Answer: Files with the ending ".torrent" are BitTorrent files that are actually only [...]