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27. August 2014
T-Mobile contract cancel subscription alarm

Cancel a T-Mobile contract - this is how it works!

There can be a wide variety of reasons for terminating your mobile phone contract. The reception at home is too bad, the data network too lame, a better offer from a competitor is tempting or the monthly costs are too high. Why […]
27. August 2014
MacBook Air commercial with Grobi

Wacky MacBook stickers - individuality through laptop stickers

You are the proud (of course!) Owner of an Apple MacBook (Pro retina ?!). Maybe it already has a few unsightly scratches on the lid or you want to prevent it from getting that far. An Apple MacBook Decal [...]
18. August 2014
PHP file in Coda

How can you open PHP files?

Question: I received a file with the extension .php for a free script. Now I wonder how I can open the file. Is there a special program for? Answer: In principle, [...]
18. August 2014
Icon PHP help

Program PHP redirection or PHP redirection

PHP offers the possibility to define redirects and redirects to other URLs with the command "header ()". You can only transfer the URL to which the forwarding should take place as a parameter. To the whole [...]
17. August 2014
Faxer Mac app

Mac App Faxer: a lot of hassle and no support

Some time ago I presented the Mac app Faxer, with which you can send faxes from your Mac if you have a Fritz-Box. Unfortunately, the app soon showed various problems. [...]
5. August 2014
Micro SD to MemoryStick Pro Duo adapter

32 GB PSP memory card for less than 25 EUR: plug it in yourself with a micro SD adapter

The PSP memory cards that are required for the [Playstation Portable from Sony-> sony-playstation-portable] are usually significantly more expensive than the widely used SD cards. Why Sony did not rely on micro SD cards when designing the PSP, [...]
5. August 2014
SD card write protection

Instructions: How can I remove the write protection from an SD card?

Question: I was sent an SD card with a used digital camera. Now I wanted to format the card on my computer and thus delete all existing photos of my previous owner. Unfortunately, I always get the message that [...]
4. August 2014
Ricoh Geljet Printer SG 2100N

Ricoh Geljet printer for Mac - color prints at a bargain price

I just stumbled upon an article about geljet printers by accident. It was mentioned in it that this printing technology developed by RICOH represents a kind of best-of of inkjet printers and color laser printers: Quasi the low purchase price of printers, such as [...]
1. August 2014
Notification center status

Temporarily switch off the Notification Center under OS X.

Since some versions of Mac OS X, small message windows appear in the upper right corner. In it you get a message when a new mail has arrived, when Time Machine has mounted a hard drive or when other things [...]