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29. September 2014
Nerdikon cover

Computer and nerd books as a gift idea for friends and colleagues

At this point I would like to introduce some books that I use as gift ideas for computer geeks, nerds or work colleagues - perhaps as a supplement or as an alternative to my other suggestions: the C64 book or the Apple T-shirts. :) [...]
26. September 2014
DxOMark smartphone test 2014

The Apple iPhone 6/6 plus camera is the test winner - best smartphone camera 2014

I have to say: some reports some simply have more fun reading when you have the test winner "best smartphone camera 2014" in your hand. A continuous list of the best […]
26. September 2014
iOS 8 manual

iOS 8 & iPhone 6 manual as PDF download

The PDF that Apple has made available to iOS 211 users for a few days now has a total of 8 pages. The PDF is available here as a German manual - free of charge, of course. The information ranges from [...]
25. September 2014
UPS notification

The new iPhone 6 - my first impression

Most people who have ordered an iPhone will be familiar with this situation: You expect the delivery every day, you are gone for a while, come home and find a notification from UPS in the mailbox, which gives you [...]
23. September 2014
bent iPhone 6 plus from Hanzoh

#bendgate - Apple iPhone 6 Plus bent?!?

It's funny. Whenever a new iPhone model comes onto the market, there are some "gates" ... what was the #antennagate years ago is the #bendgate with the iPhone 6. This means that the iPhone [...]
21. September 2014
Røde Podcaster and BeyerDynamic headphones

Sell ​​used USB microphones and headphones in a set for podcasters

Today something on my own behalf ... I would like to sell a used set consisting of a USB microphone, studio headphones, microphone holder and microphone spider. I bought the set about a year ago because one of my customers [...]
16. September 2014
iPhone 6 case from JETech

Order the best iPhone 6 cases under 10 EUR directly from Amazon

The iPhone 6 has not been announced for long, several millions of Apple smartphones have been pre-ordered and the trade in iPhone cases is already in full swing. For this reason I would like to briefly [...]
15. September 2014
Chinese cell phone walkway

In China, the first smartphone lane has now been set up on the sidewalk

Sometimes you wonder if it's April first and you haven't noticed. The weather already looks like April, but the calendar says something different. This makes such [...]
12. September 2014
iPhone 6

My iPhone 6 choice: without plus and with 128 GB

I have to admit, I can always look forward to large screens. But when he's on a smartphone, I usually think smaller is better. The screen diagonal of the iPhone 5 was actually good for me [...]
12. September 2014
iPhone 6 order

iPhone 6 ordered and sold out? Check availability online!

My iPhone 6 is reserved! Fortunately, I received a push message this morning that reported that the iPhone 6 was already being sold out. I immediately sat down at the Mac and my [...]