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7. September 2014
C64 - a visual compendium

Commodore C64 Book for Nerds: A Visual Foray into the Past

Which C64 fan doesn't know them - the beautiful bitmap graphics of the old classic games like Impossible Mission, The Last Ninja or Bubble Bobble. My old [C64-> c64] is still in the basement and whenever an old friend [...]
7. September 2014
Glif for iPhone 6

Does the current GLIF camera mount fit the iPhone 6?

I asked myself this question today, because my old Glif + has been missing in some corner for a while and now the new iPhone 6 is due in a few days, which I [...]
7. September 2014
Hyperlapse ant parade

Instagram Hyperlapse App: The 12 Best Videos Made with the iPhone App

On the website of the English-language Mirror magazine, I found a nice compilation of videos that were made with the Hyperlapse app from Instagram. The iPhone app records videos in the time-lapse effect, but uses software stabilization to [...]
5. September 2014
Wordpress update message

WordPress 4.0 Update - Tips, improvements and problems with the new WordPress version

Today I heard from the plugin "WP Updates Notifier" via email that there is a new WordPress update. The WP 4.0 version called "Benny" is currently available. Benny is the name of the point zero update, in memory [...]