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28. November 2014
ABC inspiration

A for apple to Z for Zeitlangnixtun: This is how the ABC inspires me

The blogger Birgit Ebert recently launched a blog parade in which she has a very unusual task for the participants. You should do the ABC and a word for each letter [...]
27. November 2014
OnyX Icon

Why you don't need the Onyx optimization tool for Mac OS X ...

There are numerous optimization tools that promise that you can use them to free your Mac from unnecessary ballast and then everything will run better. OnyX from Titanium Software is a candidate that I have already tried on [...]
24. November 2014
Yosemite thunderstorm

Help wanted and needed: Bugs with Mac's OS X Yosemite

I think most people come across my blog through "my first impression of Yosemite" and seek help with problems there. But in the meantime I have collected so much help and questions there that I would like to have a [...]
19. November 2014
Clip-on microscope iPhone 6

Interesting gadget: clip-on light microscope lens attachment for the Apple iPhone

Macro shots can always inspire me. Microscope images are usually even better. But since I don't want to buy a microscope to be able to take such pictures, I just took a look [...]
19. November 2014
Airplay symbol

Output music and audio signals from Apple Mac to Airplay boxes

A few days ago I unpacked my [Airplay speaker-> airplay speaker] from Logitech. Since I keep playing music on YouTube in the background here and there (without paying attention to the video), [...]
19. November 2014
Aldi Talk Medionmobile tariff overview

Aldi Talk: My experiences with the smartphone tariff chaos

Until a few months ago I was still a customer of But I quit there because the monthly fixed amount was too high for me. I seldom make phone calls with the iPhone and I hardly send any [...]
16. November 2014
GoPro Hero 4 Black PDF

Operating instructions for the GoPro Hero 4 action camera - models Black, Black Music, Silver and Silver Music Master

I don't think the concept behind the GoPro is bad. With the [Hero 4-> gopro-hero-4] GoPro has drilled the model even further and in 2014 brought a great action cam onto the market. The Hero gave me [...]
15. November 2014
File transfer for Android

Android File Transfer: File transfer from Apple Mac to Android device

A few days ago I got myself a [Kindle Fire HDX 7 (7 inch tablet) -> my-kindle-fire] to read graphically prepared PDFs and watch tutorial videos. In terms of software, the Kindle Fire is based on the [Android operating system [...]
15. November 2014
Retro cassette case for iPhone 5

Funny and unusual: iPhone 5 protective cases that are fun

Personally, I prefer subtle cases for my iPhone, but there are very nice and original cases that are sure to be interesting for one or the other. Of course, all of this is also rather [...]
13. November 2014
InstarVision screenshot

iPhone or webcam? Remote monitoring of a holiday home without WiFi

A few days ago a question came from a reader who was wondering how to remotely monitor a holiday home in Italy when no one is there. Here is the original text of the request: […]