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30. December 2014
Fritz Box time

Fritz! Box shows the date 01.01.1970/XNUMX/XNUMX in the overview

I have two switchable Fritz! Sockets in operation that switch Christmas fairy lights on and off according to time in two rooms. Two days ago I was amazed that the one in the middle of the night [...]
28. December 2014
Susan Bennett Siri

Commands and questions to the iPhone voice assistant Siri - here's how!

I have to admit that I am quite new to the use of [Siri-> siri] - even though I have had a device that supports Siri for a long time. The reason for this is that my iPhone 5 has some [...]
22. December 2014
Switch off MMS

Switch off MMS on the iPhone and save costs

As I may have already read here, I have the AldiTalk 600 package. It is not the first time that I have run into a "cost trap" with it. The current case, however, is less of an attitude [...]
17. December 2014
iPad protective gloves

Practical tip: Fixed an iPad palm problem when painting with a stylus

There are a lot of people who have now got a [pen for iPad-> ipad pen]. Unfortunately, there is the problem that when drawing with a pen, you tend to put the heel of your hand on the surface. In […]
15. December 2014
JPEG format file extension

.jpg file extension

The file extension ".jpg" or ".jpeg" is usually found in image files. The image format is supported as an output format by DSLR or compact digital cameras, for example. Due to the compression and the associated loss [...]
14. December 2014
Mobile phone beanbag handmade

Smartphone sofa: my iPhone is now sitting on a cellphone beanbag!

Christmas time is really cool. You get gifts delivered without being asked, which you can also use! Yesterday a package arrived at my place, but I was only able to open it because I [...]
13. December 2014
Kindle from Amazon

The best eBook readers at a glance - models from 2014 in the test

Exciting books refresh our dreary everyday life immensely. Whether on vacation or at home in front of the fireplace, the written word is a successful alternative to television. Nevertheless, you do not have to rely on the advantages of modern technology [...]
12. December 2014
CSL battery hand warmer

The best USB cordless pocket warmers for winter (2020/2021 update)

The post has become quite long now and I think many of you are not necessarily keen to read 15 minutes about the functions and properties of hand warmers. For this reason I have [...]
10. December 2014
Mac used and broken

Tips and tricks: Here's what you should know if you're looking to buy a used Mac

As an Apple fan, I can of course not take part in a blog parade that revolves around this very topic. Apple iMacs, Mac Minis and MacBooks are great devices, I insist on [...]
10. December 2014
nofollow in WP125

WP125 alternative: 125 × 125 banner in the WordPress sidebar with dofollow link

A blogger colleague recently recommended the WordPress plugin WP125 to me, with which he manages the square 125 × 125 pixel banners in his sidebar. I installed the plugin and set up two banners, but [...]