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31. January 2015
Adonit Jot Touch

Pressure-sensitive pens for the iPad and iPhone - a current overview in early 2015

Some time ago I tried an iPad pen in one of my reviews. In contrast to this Sylus, which managed without a battery and Bluetooth, today I would like to introduce pressure-sensitive iPad pens that have two [...]
30. January 2015
The Mac Book for Seniors

Review: The Mac Book for Seniors - Skilfully Using Apple Computers

A few days ago I received the work "The Mac Book for Seniors". Now you are probably wondering why I first read senior citizens' books when I was a little over 40 and, secondly, also beginner's books when I already [...]
26. January 2015
Remote Control

This is how you can find the right receiver for IPTV

If you don't want to watch TV with your MacBook or iPad, you might want to watch TV over the Internet - IPTV for short. In addition to DVB-S, DVB-T and DVB-C, IPTV is increasingly found on [...]
21. January 2015
followupthen logo

Simple e-mail resubmission on the Mac with Apple Mail and the "Followupthen" service

Today I had the case that I found an email interesting, but actually couldn't really "use" it today. I would have been happy if it had just arrived 3 months later, because [...]
17. January 2015
Finn instructions

Finn bike mount: can be used universally for many smartphones

The concept of the "Finn" universal mount is as simple as it is ingenious. It puts an end to the fact that you need a new holder for every new iPhone model and is otherwise not picky about the smartphone brand. The […]
16. January 2015
iPhone App Be My Eyes Registration

iPhone app for the blind and visually impaired: Be My Eyes brings help for sighted people

Anyone who has not yet done any voluntary work can now comfortably do so from the sofa and log into the "Be My Eyes" app. The free universal app, the name of which is called "Be mine [...]
14. January 2015
Firefox Logo

Solution: slow Firefox browser slows down the entire Mac

I don't know how many times I've wanted to send the Firefox browser into nirvana because it has become so incredibly slow that you have the feeling that the Mac is running 20 GB of data at the same time in the background [...]
14. January 2015
Elgato Thunderbolt 2 Dock

Thunderbolt Docks in comparison: Elgato, Belkin, Matrox - which one should I use?

Since I've been working on the MacBook Pro retina, I've been toying with buying a Thunderbolt dock for a long time. These small boxes are extremely practical when you have to have various peripherals plugged into the MacBook, but [...]
14. January 2015
.aae file extension

What are .aae files?

Files with the extension .aae are usually files that are created by the OS X / macOS or iOS / iPadOS operating systems on the Mac, iPhones or iPads. Basically, there are additional files that, in addition to the actual [...]
13. January 2015
Photo of RAL-K5-color fan glossy

RAL color fans and color cards - the most important colors always at hand!

Only printed color tables give the RAL colors true to color. If you search for RAL colors on the Internet, you are often confronted with graphics that show these colors that they want to represent. However, one must keep in mind that [...]