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23. May 2015
Bose Soundlink 3

Reader question: do you know a bluetooth speaker with a lot of bass?

A few days ago I was asked whether I would know a Bluetooth speaker with a lot of bass. In fact, I have already had a number of BT speakers here for testing, but above all the [...]
18. May 2015
Kensington USB 3.0 HUB photo

Reader's tip: USB 3.0 hub with charging function for iPad and iPhone

I just got an email from Quincy who, as a loyal reader of my blog, is also concerned about the satisfaction of the other readers. He read a recommendation in the Macwelt newsletter about the [...]
7. May 2015
The Canon EOS 70D manual

The manual for the Canon EOS 70D - book tips and PDF download

The SLR cameras are still one of the best devices if you want to take professional photos. Especially the EOS 70D from the manufacturer Canon joins the high-end camera region. But not always does [...]
6. May 2015
Wordpress 4 manual from Galileo

Book tip: WordPress 4 - The ultimate manual by Alexander Hetzel

What else can you do with WordPress besides blogging? What installations are there and how do I best use them? What is the easiest way to create your own (responsive) themes and plugins, and how do I design [...]
5. May 2015
Redeem AppStore Promo Code - Screenshot 1

Mac AppStore: Redeem promo code - this is how it works!

I have just received a promo code for a Mac app from a developer. Unfortunately, at first glance I didn't know how to redeem the code, because at the bottom of the [...]
3. May 2015
Batmann MacBook Sticker

Cool thing: Batman stickers for the glowing MacBooks

With the [new MacBook-> macbook-12-inch] Apple has apparently done away with the glowing Apple logo. It's a shame, because you could always play nice games with it. Among other things, such chic stickers in which parts are designed to be translucent. They work [...]
3. May 2015
FINN cover letter for testing

The new Finn bike mount for the smartphone - the new version 2015 in the test

A few weeks ago I got mail from the Bike Citizens. In the envelope a cover letter stating that the new FINN design from the beginning of 2015 will soon be available and the request that I try it out [...]