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28. September 2015
Apple Watch manual by Michael Krimmer

The Apple Watch manual by Michael Krimmer - more than just an introduction

The Apple Watch Manual by Michael Krimmer is the ideal companion both as an aid to making a purchase decision and to improve the workflow with the Apple Smartwatch. Here the 1974 in [...]
24. September 2015
Finder Preferences All of my files

Instructions: Get "All my files" back into the sidebar under Mac OS X.

I recently noticed that "All My Files" is no longer showing in the windows of my Finder. This view has some advantages, however, because I often forget where files have ended up [...]
24. September 2015
Photoshop Lightroom 6 and CC: The Complete Guide

Book review: Adobe Lightroom 6 / CC Instructions as a manual by István Velsz

Professional photographers, interested private users and, last but not least, everyone who stands in between or who owns the program for completely different reasons - everyone who has been using Photoshop Lightroom 21 / CC since its appearance on April 2015, 6 [...]
22. September 2015
Mailbox Pro shutdown confirmation

Deactivating Mailbox Pro: This is how you deactivate call forwarding to the mobile mailbox on T-Mobile D1

After I switched to T-Mobile D1, the mailbox on my cell phone was of course active again. After a certain period of time, all calls are diverted to "Mobilbox Pro" - as T-Mobile calls the answering machine for the mobile phone number. [...]
21. September 2015
App Store as a malware slingshot

Malware in the Apple App Store: Already 344 apps infected by XcodeGhost

In the past, apps that were loaded onto jailbroken iPhones from the alternative app reference point Cydia were mainly infected with malware. However, a large number of programs are now also available from the official app [...]
21. September 2015
Ion Tailgater Bluetooth

Reader's question: Ion Tailgater for iPod no longer makes a sound - power supply unit or battery defective?

Question from Fabian: Hello, I had rented the Tailgater (without a more detailed type designation) and now it no longer receives any power - neither via the mains plug nor in battery mode. The backup seems fine to me. If the device were to be used over [...]
19. September 2015
Fritz.Box 7490 WPS button

Instructions: Connect the Fritz! Repeater 1750E to the Fritz! Box using the WPS button

I admit: Sometimes I "abuse" my blog to save instructions or information that I would otherwise simply not find again. For example, I just searched for 10 minutes until I found out again [...]
17. September 2015
Improvements firmware update UP2

Firmware update for the Jawbone UP2 and UP3 - what is it and what is not?

A few weeks ago I was sent a Jawbone UP2 as a test product, which I have been using every day since then and therefore in an endurance test. The corresponding test report is still pending, but it will be published in the next few weeks [...]
13. September 2015
Thunderbolt cable

Is there a difference between Thunderbolt 1 and Thunderbolt 2 cables?

Since I just bought a Thunderbolt monitor from LG (LG 29UC97-S - as an alternative to the Thunderbolt monitor from Apple) that supports Thunderbolt 2, the question arose whether you should get an older one (approx. 2-3 years old ) [...]
11. September 2015
Quad Lock attachment

iPhone holder "Quad Lock" for the iPhone 6s / 6s plus

After the introduction of new iPhone models, the question arises again and again whether you also need new accessories for the iPhone. In the case of the iPhone 6s / 6s plus, however, there is no need for action, because who [...]