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28. January 2016
Linux jokes and sayings about the Linux operating system

Funny Linux jokes and sayings

No question about it: Linux offers significantly less attack surface to make nasty jokes about viruses and malware. Nevertheless, there are many prejudices with which of course nice jokes and bad sayings can be made. Since I also [...]
28. January 2016
X-Doria screen protector iPad Pro self-healing

X-Doria: Self-healing screen protector for the iPad Pro

I just found out about a screen protector for the iPad Pro from Apple while browsing. At first this is nothing special, but this slide is the first that I have seen that is also "self-healing" [...]
24. January 2016
UltimateFontDownload - Screenshot fonts A

Royalty-free fonts for the Mac for commercial and private use: Ultimate Font Download

Today I was looking for fonts that I can use license-free on the Mac under OS X, for example to create graphics for my blog. The term "license-free" in this context is [...]
22. January 2016
Screenshot: Pages template with header

Reader Question: Recurring Header and Letterhead in Apple Pages

Question: Hey Sir Apfelot, I'm currently working for a scheduling department with Pages. With every new page I have to have a certain head with 2 logos on the left and right and a small text in the middle. [...]
21. January 2016
USA travel adapter - which one is best for the land of unlimited power connections?

Reader's question: Which travel adapter would you recommend for a trip to the USA?

Question: I'm going to the USA for 4 weeks in the summer and of course I would also like to use my MacBook and iPhone there. But now they have 110 V instead of 220 volts (like ours [...]
20. January 2016
Screenshot installing several fonts on the Mac

Instructions: Install multiple fonts on Mac OS X at once

When moving to a new Mac, you can usually use the migration assistant or manually move the files if you want to do a "clean install". This is recommended if the Mac simply [...]
13. January 2016
TNEF's enough icon

Instructions: Open and display winmail.dat files on the Mac

Almost every Mac user has certainly experienced it before: You get an email with an attachment called "winmail.dat" and you don't really know what it is. At first I thought of a virus, [...]
12. January 2016
Thunderbolt HDMI adapter for the Mac

Connect your iMac or MacBook to a TV using a Thunderbolt / Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter

Recently a reader of my blog asked how he could connect his iMac to a Sony TV with HDMI inputs. This way you can, for example, watch movies on a MacBook, iMac, Mac Mini, Mac [...]
12. January 2016
Survival of the fittest

"Veräppler" - the comic book for Apple fanboys by Anett Breiting

A few days ago, Anett Breiting presented me with her comic book for Apple fans. The eBook bears the appropriate name "Veräppler" and shows on 30 pages and a good 100 MB many funny comics around the topic [...]