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28. March 2016
The Inateck USB-C to USB-3 hub on the MacBook

In the test: Inateck HB4103C USB-C hub with 3x USB 3.0 ports and network connection

Today I have a special hub in the "test laboratory": A 3-port USB 3.0 hub that can be connected to the MacBook (12 inch) from Apple via the Micro-C USB port. Anyone looking for a hub [...]
23. March 2016
Even the packaging of the Brydge Air Keyboard is very appealing

Noble iPad keyboard in the test: The BrydgeAir keyboard for the Apple iPad Air / iPadAir 2

The following test and photos were taken by a friend who checked out the Brydge iPad keyboard for me. I don't have an iPad Air at hand, so he does the "job" [...]
23. March 2016
Fritz! Box manual by Christoph Troche

FRITZ! Box manual - user manuals for the AVM Fritzbox on Amazon and as a free PDF download

The FRITZ! Box from AVM is one of the most widespread and popular routers for DSL and LTE. I've also been a big fan of this intuitive hardware for years. If you have your FRITZ! Box (also [...]
23. March 2016
iPad Pro big and small

The iPad Pro 9,7 inch - New Mini Power Tablet from Apple (Early 2016)

With the keynote on Monday, March 21, 2016, at which the new iPhone SE was also presented, there was the successor to the iPad Air 2014 presented in 2 and the iPad mini 2015 presented in 4 [...]
22. March 2016
You can switch the power saving mode on and off via Siri

In iOS 9 activate the power saving mode via Siri: "Silent saving mode on"

I admit - even if it's no technical rocket science - but the power saving mode is one of my favorite features on iOS 9 on the iPhone. Especially when I had a weak battery a few weeks ago [...]
21. March 2016
Affinity Photo manual

Affinity Photo Manual and Tutorials - Instructions for working with the Photoshop alternative

Problem recognized, danger averted - that seems to be the motto of Serif, a British software company that unleashed its Affinity programs on Mac users last July. Because what exactly is hidden [...]
20. March 2016
Instructions: The correct Internet settings with Aldi Talk

Instructions: ALDI TALK Internet settings for iPhone and Android smartphone

Regardless of whether you use Aldi Talk with an Internet flat rate or a limited data volume: If you do not get an Internet connection on the way without your home WLAN connection, it is usually because the settings for "mobile data" [...]
19. March 2016
The hard drive cleaning tool CleanMyMac 3 in the test: I'll show you what the program can do and whether it's worth buying!

Test: My experience with CleanMyMac 3 - is the system and disk cleaner for Mac worth it?

A few days ago I received the message that there is an offer of the system cleaning software CleanMyMac from MacPaw. Basically, I had always cleaned up my Mac by hand and old backups or [...]
17. March 2016
Adobe CS6 is the oldest version that already has some programs with Retina support

Question: From which version does Adobe CS support a Retina display from iMac and MacBook?

Since the question has come up several times in the last few weeks (including in connection with the update from OS X to El Capitan), I would like to briefly share my (half) knowledge on the subject. The problem […]
16. March 2016
Philips HF3550 light alarm clock with iPhone

The light alarm clock Philips HF3550 and iOS 9 - The problem and the possible solution for iOS users

First of all: The article should be of particular interest to people who have a Philips light alarm clock that listens to the model number HF3550. This alarm clock has a massive problem with the update from [...]