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29th of June 2016
Lego Star Wars Death Star 10188 interior view

The Lego Death Star for hardcore fans - or: Star Wars for adults (Updated!)

Star Wars is without question a successful franchise; one of the most successful and perhaps most widely known. But sometimes there are products from the area of ​​merchandise that you might only understand as a hardcore fan. In addition [...]
27th of June 2016
4K television as PC monitor: no problem with the HDMI 2.0 input. The Sony KD-43X8305C (pictured) is a potential candidate (Photo: Amazon).

A recommendation: 4K televisions that are suitable as PC monitors - with HDMI 2.0 and 4k UHD @ 60 HZ or more (updated)

My nephew told me yesterday that he would like to buy a 4K TV for less than 300 EUR soon, which he would then like to use as a PC monitor for a different purpose. The price seemed suspiciously cheap to me, [...]
27th of June 2016

Blue Ray Disc: What is UHD, 4K Blu Ray and what resolutions and frame rates are there?

As with a CD or CD-ROM, content on a Blu-Ray disc can be played in any form. It doesn't really matter what kind of files are burned onto the disc. Would like to […]
27th of June 2016
Lego iPhone case with controls on the side

In the test: the Lego handicraft protective cover for the iPhone 6

I was recently given a special protective cover for testing: The Lego Builder Case from Belkin, which in the version I have got fits the iPhone 6 / 6s, but also as a cover for the [...]
20th of June 2016
Apple Fusion Drive - HDD and SSD hard drive combined

Fusion Drive on the Mac: Combine SSD and HDD hard drives into one volume

The "Fusion Drive" from Apple is an option that has been available for Macs since October 2013 in the Apple shop. Technically, it is a combination of an HDD hard drive (the models with rotating magnetic disks) […]
17th of June 2016
Here in detail you can see the two bulges on the bottom and the lid of the case that the MacBook is padded all around. When you close the zipper, they are pressed together.

In the test: The Booq Viper Hardcase for the MacBook 12 inch

A few days ago I received the Viper Hardcase VHC12-BLR from Booq for testing. I already have a sleeve for my MacBook 12 inch, but it is quite "wobbly" because it is made of neoprene [...]
15th of June 2016
iStorage USB 2.0 model with 256 BIT AES encryption

Crypto USB sticks with 256-bit AES hardware encryption for the Mac - a "narrow" selection

I am often out and about with my MacBook and also have data on USB sticks with me that shouldn't necessarily fall into the hands of third parties. Customer data, personal data and sometimes logins are simply nothing [...]