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12. August 2016
Sports headphones in the test

Sports headphones put to the test: Stiftung Warentest shows the best headphones for training

The demands on sports headphones are very different from those that you would use in the subway, while gaming or on the plane. Because sports headphones must also be used for constant movement, jogging, [...]
8. August 2016

Customizable Tetris lamp: colorful retro lamp for Tetris fans

The game Tetris, whether the '87 version for C64, DOS and Amiga, the one that came out in '88 for Apple II, Apple Macintosh and the NEC PC or the most popular edition that was released in '89 for [...]
5. August 2016
iPad Pro QWERTY keyboard from Apple

iPad Pro QWERTY keyboard available in the Apple Shop

It is already August and therefore soon time for the next Apple Keynote, for the next products from Cupertino and of course for the new iPhone. Last year we were also presented with a new [...]
3. August 2016
FLIR ONE thermal imaging camera for the iPhone

FLIR ONE thermal imaging camera: A real thermal imaging camera for iOS devices

If you try to find heat sources with an app and your smartphone camera, you will quickly realize that this is not really possible. That's why there is the FLIR ONE thermal imaging camera for iPhone and iPad. This will [...]
1. August 2016
Prisma App featured image

Prisma App: Thanks to Prisma, artistic image processing is child's play

The Prisma App from Prisma Labs Inc. is currently very much hyped. This is not only because an app for Android was released for the iOS version a week ago, but rather because [...]