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30. November 2016
Amazon Prime Video app download iOS for free and offline movies series

Amazon Prime Video: watch films for free in a 30-day test

Amazon Prime Video lets you stream not only films and series on the iPhone, iPad, Apple TV or a similar Smart TV service for 30 days free of charge and then for fairly manageable costs, but also brings [...]
30. November 2016
In the login window you can see your own ID and password on the left (made unrecognizable here) and on the right you can enter the data of a remote Mac in order to connect to it.

TeamViewer download for the Mac: free remote maintenance under macOS

For many years I've been in my circle of friends, so to speak, the private Apple support hotline if someone has problems with the Mac. Because of the good operating system and the good hardware on Apple computers, this happens quite seldom, [...]
29. November 2016
Photo Belkin USB-C to Ethernet Adapter in black

Buy recommendation: Belkin USB-C to Gigabit Ethernet adapter, identical to the adapter in the Apple store

To keep myself up to date with mac-related issues, I regularly listen to a few podcasts. One of them recently reported that the white Belkin USB-C to Gigabit Ethernet adapter offered in the Apple Store is currently quite a [...]
29. November 2016
Mini drones with cameras in comparison, test, 2016, 2017 DJI Parrot GoPro

The best mini drones with cameras: Quadrocopter with video recording

Mini drones with cameras: When looking for the right quadrocopter, i.e. a drone that also has a camera for photo and video recordings, there are various criteria. In addition to the size, which is quite variable when it comes to the term "mini" [...]
28. November 2016
The iPhone is held securely inside by the Velcro fastener on the strap.

Feuerwear iPhone 7 Plus case "Mitch" in the test: Fire hose meets iPhone!

A few weeks ago a somewhat unusual iPhone case came on my table: The "Mitch" from Feuerwear. Why is it so special? Because it is made from discarded fire hose! However, this is nothing special at Feuerwear, [...]
28. November 2016
Loupedeck Lightroom Indiegogo Edit Photos Mixer Controls

Loupedeck: Mixing console tool for image processing with Lightroom from 2017

Loupedeck is currently being financed through Indiegogo, a piece of hardware developed in Finland for image processing that is not unlike a mixer. The team, which partly consists of former Nokia employees, wants Loupedeck in 2017 for users of [...]
28. November 2016

Internet browser market shares are shifting - current figures and local statistics

Browsers for displaying Internet content are sometimes quite a controversial topic; which one has the best performance, which one works best with the operating system used, which one has the most / best extensions? Etc. I [...]
26. November 2016
Repairing the iPhone 4 home button: you don't always have to change the button. Sometimes cleaning helps too! (Photos: Sir Apfelot)

Instructions: Repair iPhone 4 Home Button without changing

A few days ago a friend told me that the home button on her iPhone 4 would no longer work. Undoubtedly a very annoying mistake ... Since they bought the device a good year ago [...]
25. November 2016
buy usb socket amazon online order usb socket schuko and usb port for flush mounting

Order and install a USB socket: socket with integrated USB connection

Modern mobile devices can be charged with a charger at the socket or via USB on a Mac, MacBook, power bank or PC; or at a USB socket. Where you can get such a USB socket, [...]
25. November 2016
Amazon Black Friday Deals Discount Televisions Electronics Kindle Overview

Black Friday at Amazon: Offers at the end of the Cyber ​​Monday week

It's Black Friday again, and not only in the USA, where Christmas shopping traditionally begins, but also at Amazon - and with some bargains from electronics, clothing and the like [...]