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18. January 2017

Apple: MFi program for the certification of iPhone, iPad and iPod accessories

The abbreviation MFi from Apple stands for "Made for iPhone / iPad / iPod" and refers to accessories that can be used with the mobile devices from Cupertino; like Lightning cables. Is a cable [...]
17. January 2017
Apple Watch charging station Image source:

Apple Watch charging station in Macintosh 128k design from ELAGO

Apple Watch charging station: If you are looking for a charging station for your Apple Watch and are at the same time a fan of the old-school design á la Macintosh 128k, you should take a look at the W3 Vintage Stand from ELAGO (and [...]
17. January 2017

SanDisk Ultra 256 GB microSD card with Application Performance Class Standard A1

Admittedly, the title SanDisk Ultra 256 GB microSD card with Application Performance Class Standard A1 is a monster word that should provide a little explanation. And this is exactly what you will find in this post. Here I would like to [...]
16. January 2017
The best wifi names, funny wifi names, names for your wifi, network names

Funny WLAN names: funny titles for the wireless network

Funny WLAN names: WLAN names are rather boring if you don't change the standard names. Funny WLAN names and funny names for the wireless network are an enrichment for everyone. Even if nobody dials in [...]
13. January 2017

[Finished] StilGut competition: Win high-quality iPhone accessories with Sir Apfelot

StilGut and Sir Apfelot, this combination not only sounds beautiful, but also brings wonderful products home free of charge; with our StilGut competition. How you can take part in the competition, what you can win [...]
13. January 2017

Thunderbolt and USB-C displays for the MacBook Pro 2016: monitors, adapters and co

Since Apple will significantly reduce its hardware in the future and hopes for a new Thunderbolt display have been dispelled, the question of alternatives such as USB-C monitors is in the room. An accomplice in the connection of [...]
13. January 2017
Thunderbolt 3, USB C 3.1, VGA, HDMI, 40 GBit / s, 4K display, 5K monitor, data transfer

Thunderbolt 3: Apple interface for USB C, video, data, power and all kinds of gadgets

Thunderbolt 3 is the third generation of the interface developed by Apple and Intel, which in its current form (e.g. on the MacBook Pro 2016) is not only compatible with USB C (USB 3.1), but also [...]
12. January 2017
Connect AirPods to the iPhone and solve pairing problems or reset the AirPods to factory settings - this is how it works! (Image source:

How-to: reset Apple AirPods and fix connection issues

In a recently published help article, Apple shows how you can connect the AirPods to devices running iOS 10.2 or newer, watchOS 3 or newer, or macOS Sierra or newer. Also what you can do when [...]
12. January 2017

Use Messenger on the go: 3 solutions for mobile chatting without high costs

Messenger for smartphones and tablets such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, ICQ and so on have long been part of our everyday lives. But what if you leave the home WLAN network or the data volume for the [...]
11. January 2017
Charging and data cables in the pack - mfi certification included (photos: Sir Apfelot).

Test: Braided USB Lightning charging cable with aluminum plugs from inLine

First of all: I received the 2-meter Lightning USB charging cable from "inLine" for a test. The article is not a paid ad or anything like that. When I test something, the manufacturers do indeed have [...]