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April 11, 2017
Art for website and blog, free of charge and without lint, use art works without copyright, database for old masters, art, sculptures, vessels and history

Art under CC0: Use works of art free of charge and royalty-free as a webmaster and blogger

Last week, I already published a post on free and royalty-free images for your website, blog or online shop. But now there is still the special case of art, so if you are a [...]
April 11, 2017

Cancel Amazon Prime

If you want to cancel Amazon Prime and thus end your membership or your Amazon Prime trial membership, then you've come to the right place. Here you can find out how to order Amazon Prime Versand, Amazon Prime Music, Amazon Prime [...]
April 11, 2017

Cancel Netflix: End trial month, subscription and membership

If you want to cancel Netflix and delete your Netflix account, then you've come to the right place. The subscription, the trial month and thus the membership in Netflix can easily be ended in just a few steps. If you have the [...]
April 10, 2017
Photoshop Panic: This is the solution when all windows such as tools and layers have disappeared in Photoshop!

Adobe Photoshop: toolbar, layers, actions - everything gone? Here's the solution!

If the cat has hopped over the keyboard in egomaniac mode again or you fell asleep after the 70th cut-out on the keyboard and afterwards you only found chaos in Photoshop, then [...]
April 10, 2017
There are different types of emergency wristbands. Which one you want to use depends on the application.

Emergency bracelet: SOS bracelet for children, seniors and many other users

Since the readership of this blog is diverse and ranges from seniors over 70 years of age to parents with small children, the topic of emergency wristbands or SOS wristbands should be addressed in this article. It is true that [...]
April 7, 2017
With a program extension, you have immediate access to your desired photo editing software such as Photoshop, Lightroom, Affinity Photo or similar.

Workaround: Connect Apple photos to Photoshop using drag and drop

How nice it used to be when you could click photos from Apperture or iPhoto and then drag them to the Photoshop icon in the dock. Schwups the selected photo was opened in the favorite photo editor. With "Apple [...]
April 7, 2017
If you have an AVM router or a Fritz Box and the FRITZ! Box USB remote connection program, you can connect a USB printer to the device so that it can be used wirelessly from the computer via WLAN.

Set up FRITZ! Box USB remote connection: Use USB printer with Fritz Box

If you have an AVM router or a Fritz Box and the FRITZ! Box USB remote connection program, you can connect a USB printer to the device so that it can be used wirelessly from the computer via WLAN [...]
April 6, 2017
Photolemur 2: automatic photo enhancer in the test

Photolemur 2 for the Mac: Automatic and intelligent photo enhancement in the test

A while ago, version 1 of Photolemur made a few waves because it was able to convince with surprisingly good results. Now the developers have given me (and a few other beta testers) before the sales start [...]
April 6, 2017
Stanley Kubrick Movies, Movies by Stanly Kubrik, watch online, watch, watch, download, DVD Blu-Ray Box, Stream

Stanley Kubrick Films: Cinema classics from Lolita through 2001 to Clockwork Orange

Stanley Kubrick Films by Lolita and Dr. Strange about 2001, Barry Lyndon and Shining to Full Metal Jacket and Eyes Wide Shut are all narrative and cinematic masterpieces. In addition to the well-known films and the [...]
April 5, 2017

Square and curly brackets on the Mac keyboard - macOS shortcuts

The Apple Mac and MacBook keyboard does not display special characters such as square brackets or curly braces. How do you use the individual brackets and other special characters without a long [...]