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31. May 2017

Google Translate: Translate photo or camera recording in real time via the app

The Google Translate app not only translates text that has been entered, handwritten on the display and spoken, but also the text on a photo, an image or in real time using the [...]
31. May 2017
Child using smartphone, iPhone

Children and Smartphones: Documentation, Cell Phone Addiction, and More

Smartphones for children: where are the limits? - This question will be asked in the episode of the report series “Jetzt mal ehrlich” broadcast on May 28, 2017 on ARD-alpha. You can watch the show again in the BR media library [...]
30. May 2017

DJI Osmo, Osmo + and Osmo Mobile: professional image stabilization for amateur filmmakers

The Chinese drone manufacturer DJI is not a rare topic here in the blog, which is one of many occasions to take a look at the product range called DJI Osmo. Under the name "Osmo", DJI sells devices for [...]
30. May 2017

Buy DJI Spark: Recommendation of the Fly More Combo

If you want to buy the DJI Spark, there are many good reasons and one very important place to go - namely the DJI Online Store. The mini drone with a weight of just 300g, a maximum speed [...]
30. May 2017

Apple USB SuperDrive on MacBook with USB-C?

Apple Mac computers like the MacBook late 2016 are not made to use the Apple USB SuperDrive per se. In addition, the SuperDrive with USB-A connection, which can be used as an external optical drive for CDs and [...]
29. May 2017

Zapping passports: RFID chip, data acquisition and should you address it?

The Chaos Computer Club (CCC or C3) recently commented on the personal data, biometric images and the like stored on the RFID chip from [...] in a post called Today without biometrics: Passport "well done"
29. May 2017

Find and delete duplicate contacts on iPhone and Mac

Duplicate contacts on the iPhone or Mac can suddenly appear if the Apple smartphone has been synchronized with e-mail services such as Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook or with the iCloud. Duplicate contacts in the address book then naturally cause frustration, [...]
26. May 2017

SD card designations: What are Class, SDHC, SDXC, UHS, I, A, V and Co.?

Such an SD card, which is used as a memory card in the camera, a smartphone, tablet or other device, is full of names, abbreviations and symbols. But what do the signs, symbols and numbers on the [...]
26. May 2017

Upgrade iMac RAM: Expand RAM in models 2012-2015

Upgrading the iMac memory is not that difficult on most models. If you want to expand the RAM of the Apple desktop computer, you will find the appropriate steps and recommended DIMM bars in this guide. Because […]
25. May 2017

DJI Spark: Tech Specs, Videos, Price, and More

The DJI Spark Mini drone was officially presented yesterday, May 24, 2017 and is now the smallest quadrocopter from the Chinese manufacturer, ahead of the DJI Mavic Pro. The DJI Spark can not only be used via smartphone and [...]