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24. May 2017

Blu-Ray burner for Mac, iMac, MacBook with USB 3.0 or USB-C

A Blu-Ray burner for Mac, iMac, MacBook and the MacBook Pro 2016 from Apple ensures that your backups of the system and individual data, private copies of films or series, photos, videos and more are on a [...]
23. May 2017

Archiving: is an SSD hard drive suitable for data backup?

A solid-state disc, i.e. an SSD hard drive, is a storage medium for computers and laptops as well as their data backup, which results from the combination of memory chips and the corresponding electronic infrastructure. An SSD hard drive has several [...]
23. May 2017

Archiving of data: Which data carriers for data backup?

You can back up data and files on the hard drive, a CD, DVD or Blu-Ray, on a memory card, a USB stick, etc. The question that arises here is: which data carrier is best for backing up data? What advantages [...]
22. May 2017

Remote Mouse App Test: Smartphone as mouse and keyboard

With the Remote Mouse App for iOS, Android, Windows Mobile as well as macOS and Windows you can turn your iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone or tablet into a mouse and keyboard for Mac, MacBook, PC and laptop for free [...]
22. May 2017

Usage: Mac app for recording program usage

With the Usage App for the Apple Mac (macOS 10.9 or higher) you can record your program usage to see how much time you devote to which software. If you work on a Mac or MacBook, then [...]
19. May 2017

Thunderbolt 3 adapter: Satechi USB-C hub for MacBook Pro (late 2016)

Since the Apple MacBook Pro was introduced in 2016, USB-C has been on everyone's lips and the search for the perfect USB-C adapter with all the necessary connections is an issue in many places. If you still have a USB-C hub for [...]
19. May 2017

Amazon Phishing / Spoofed Email: Report a spoofed message

There is currently a new Amazon phishing email going around with the subject New Authentication Method. How you proceed when you receive such a dubious email that is supposed to come from Amazon, I have that for you [...]
18. May 2017

Everything about Snapchat - what's the app all about?

Snapchat is an app for iOS and Android made for sending photos temporarily. In the meantime, however, Snapchat for iPhone and Android smartphones has become a jack of all trades, [...]
18. May 2017

Webcam cover and Camsticker® for iMac, MacBook, iPhone and iPad

Webcam cover, webcam stickers, webcam stickers or just counter espionage - there are many names for the stickers and sliders that can be used to disable the camera of smartphones, laptops and PCs. You don't have to [...]
17. May 2017

Private surveillance camera: what is legal according to the law?

Do you have a private surveillance camera with which you want to monitor your property, apartment, office and so on and record possible intruders, vandals, etc.? Then there are various things to consider. The legal situation [...]