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17. May 2017

Apple wins 55+ patents: iPhone 8, Touch ID, Mac Pro, and more

As of May 16, 2017, Apple received more than 55 patents from the United States Patent and Trademark Office, which is why rumors about the iPhone 8, a new iPad, a new [...]
16. May 2017
Cheap Palette Gear Alternative Cheap For Lightroom

Inexpensive Palette Gear Alternative: Control Lightroom with a MIDI controller

Using Lightroom with a MIDI controller: You use Lightroom and want to improve your workflow, but don't want to spend hundreds of euros to buy the buttons, sliders and knobs from Palette Gear? Then you should [...]
16. May 2017

Arc lighter: USB lighter from Tesla Lighter and more

Have you ever used a so-called arc lighter, from the brand Tesla Lighter or from VVAY or something? There are a myriad of these lighters that can be charged via USB, in a very elegant design, as stick lighter, with [...]
15. May 2017

Photos with the iPhone 7: Learn to take photos with Apple and video tutorials

Taking photos with the iPhone 7: You want to take photos with the iPhone, right away, so that you don't have to edit the photos afterwards and recalibrate the brightness, color and saturation? You finally want the kind of photos [...]
15. May 2017

DJI Goggles now available in the online shop

The DJI Goggles, a kind of VR glasses for tracking drone recordings in real time, are now available in the manufacturer's online shop. If you have two screens with full HD resolution and the control of the drone [...]
15. May 2017

Netflix error -111: help with error code (-111)

The Netflix error -111 with the error text Unfortunately, the Netflix service could not be reached (-111) is making the rounds on some devices. Whether Amazon Fire TV stick, Android TV and its derivatives, Smart TV systems or where [...]
12. May 2017

Enigma for iPhone and Mac: Encrypt messages and text securely

If you want to encrypt messages that you send in WhatsApp, iMessage and Co via iPhone, iPad and Mac, then you should take a look at the Enigma. History lovers among you know: there is no other machine [...]
12. May 2017

WhatsApp chain letter: be careful with warnings, downloads and shock messages

Getting a WhatsApp chain letter is not only annoying, it can also be dangerous (or at least: expensive). If you get a chain letter via WhatsApp that contains a shock message, news about "WhatsApp Gold", a smiley download, a warning [...]
11. May 2017

Palette Gear: modular alternative to Loupedeck for Lightroom, Photoshop and Co.

Palette Gear is a modular mixer for Adobe programs such as Lightroom and Photoshop as well as for Final Cut Pro X and Capture One Pro. Due to the structure in the form of modules and the connectivity with many different [...]
10. May 2017

Digitize and touch up photos: iOS apps and other options

Digitize photos, touch up, bring back faded colors and once only digitally archive paper images - you can do this either by scanning them on Mac and PC, or using apps for iOS and Android. Who photos [...]