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20th of June 2017

Affinity Photo iPad App: Video Tutorials in German (YouTube)

The Photoshop alternative Affinity Photo by Serif, published in 2015 for Apple Mac, has also been available for Windows PCs since 2016 and since 2017 for iOS 10.3+ and iOS 11 on the iPad Air 2 / iPad [...]
20th of June 2017 test: experiences with website builder service and comparison with WordPress

Wix is ​​a provider for private or corporate website creation in a modular system; comparable to providers like Jimdo and similar. So if you want to create a website, WordPress and its configuration options and menus or the text-based backend [...]
19th of June 2017

Ataribox: Atari with new console "Coming Soon" - a fake?

Atari has vaguely announced its return with the Ataribox, a console that may be released for Christmas 2017, with a 21-second video. And yes: it is Atari, the game console giant celebrated in the 1980s, [...]
19th of June 2017
VOSO plasma lighter in the test

VOSO plasma lighter with double arc in the test

I have to say, I really love these little USB lighters. Even though I'm neither a smoker nor a pyromaniac. But a penchant for lighters can certainly somehow be traced back to men with the [...]
19th of June 2017

Manuals and tutorials for image editing with Affinity Photo Windows / macOS / iOS

The image editing program Affinity Photo, for which there are now several manuals, instructions and tutorials, is often compared with Photoshop and can be seen as a much cheaper version of the Adobe classic. Because the developer Serif from [...]
16th of June 2017

MacRansom: Ransomware for macOS found on the Darknet

Ransomware for macOS or OS X on the Apple Mac, iMac, and MacBook is not very common, but neither is it impossible. The malware that blocks files or even the entire hard drive in order to be released [...]
16th of June 2017

The fastest FTP client for the Mac

As a web developer, webmaster and other user who wants to exchange data on a server and from there to the Mac or between two servers, you naturally need a reliable FTP client. But which client, which FTP program, [...]
15th of June 2017
In the test I have a whole handful of different adapters that fit into the Lightning port and offer a Lightning socket and a 3,5mm headphone socket on the other side (Photo: Sir Apfelot).

Various Lightning Aux adapters for the iPhone 7 in the test

Immediately after buying my iPhone 7 Plus it was already clear in principle that sooner or later a Lightning Aux adapter with charging function would have to be found that I can use in the car to listen to music and [...]
15th of June 2017

AVM FRITZ! Box 7590 High-End WLAN AC + N Router (DSL / VDSL)

The AVM FRITZ! Box 7590 High-End WLAN AC + N Router, or simply FRITZ! Box 7590 for short, is a device with extensive compatibility in addition to the new cable router FRITZ! Box 6590 Cable from AVM. For example […]
15th of June 2017

AVM FRITZ! Box 6590 Cable WLAN AC + N Router (cable)

With the FRITZ! Box 6590 Cable, AVM recently launched a powerful and multifunctional cable router that leaves little to be desired. If you don't just have cable internet and telephony, but a decent home network with various [...]