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31 JULY 2017
Apple Music is Apple's music streaming service, which is usually billed on a monthly basis (Image:

Switch Apple Music to an annual subscription and save costs for two months

Apple recently changed its internal billing so that instead of the mandatory monthly Apple Music subscription (for normal mortals EUR 9,99 per month), you can switch to an annual subscription. For the annual subscription [...]
31 JULY 2017

SQWARQ Boot Buddy: Creating a macOS Boot Stick is child's play

With the Boot Buddy app from SQWARQ, it is child's play to create a macOS boot stick to boot or install the Apple operating system for Mac, iMac and MacBook from a USB stick. And also […]
31 JULY 2017

Instead of iPod Nano and Shuffle: iPod Touch and HomePod in the Apple Shop

Apple has said goodbye to the iPod Nano and the iPod Shuffle in its online shop. You can no longer buy the two iPod devices via the official Apple website. The iPod remains the only model in this product line [...]
28 JULY 2017

Xiaomi Mi Robot: robot vacuum cleaner with app control

If you are interested in a vacuum cleaner robot, also called Robot Vacuum, then the Xiaomi Mi Robot might be right for you. It does well in tests and it also has [...]
27 JULY 2017

PING if you care! Heatmap shows critical points for cyclists in Brussels

The Austrian company Bike Citizens, in cooperation with the Dutch organization Mobiel 21 in Brussels, Kingdom of Belgium, launched the PING if you care! and recently an interim balance sheet was drawn up: Since the end of May [...]
26 JULY 2017
The Inateck BP2003 definitely has an extraordinary design that quickly turns it into an eye-catcher in the home.

Test: Inateck BP2003 Bluetooth speaker - an insider tip!

Anyone who reads my blog posts knows that I am not throwing the term "insider tip" around inflationarily. In this test report, however, I can use it with confidence, because - without the outcome of the article too much [...]
26 JULY 2017
Flashplayer Plug In End of Life 2017 decided

Flash Player Plugin expires in 2020: Adobe announces "End-of-Life"

Together with companies such as Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Mozilla, Adobe is preparing the end of life for the Adobe Flash Player plug-in. For a long time the Flash Player was the leading force when it came to video content, complex page layouts, [...]
26 JULY 2017

HDMI signal on iMac: Stream and record via Elgato Game Capture HD60 S.

If you want to connect a game console such as the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation or Xbox to the iMac in order to use it as a monitor or television or to stream / record your gameplay, then you can [...]
25 JULY 2017
Apple Home Kit Socket Adapter Radio control of the power supply

HomeKit socket: Control and monitoring of power sources in the smart home

In the smart home, electrical devices and systems in particular should be able to be controlled and monitored using smartphones, tablets, voice control and the like. With a HomeKit socket, you can also connect devices that are not for the Internet of Things [...]
25 JULY 2017
Image source: mellowbox - Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0 (via Wikimedia)

Mobile online search: BKA is allowed to use “Federal Trojans” for iOS and Android

With a new legal paper on expanded telecommunications surveillance, the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) and the police get a more extensive “Federal Trojan”, i.e. more rights for online searches, which should now also be possible on smartphones with iOS or Android. First of all […]