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24 JULY 2017
Bitsundso podcast presentation

Bits and so: Podcast on Apple, Mac and Gadget topics

Bits und So is a podcast that Timo Hetzel and his crew record on a weekly basis. The individual episodes deal with Apple topics, the Mac, various applications and suitable peripherals as well as other [...]
24 JULY 2017
Router freedom

Own FRITZ! Box with an existing connection: Free choice of router with Unitymedia and Co.

Router freedom - If you want to connect your own router, such as an AVM FRITZ! Box, to an existing cable connection, then there are two or three things to consider. From Unitymedia to Vodafone Kabel Deutschland to primacom [...]
22 JULY 2017
Google Guetzli JPEG Encoder 35% smaller files with good quality, reduce JPEG size make them smaller, maintain quality, fewer artifacts

In the test: Google biscuits compression with ImageOptim image optimizer compared to other JPEG encoders

The free Mac app "ImageOptim" is a little insider tip for people who frequently have to convert image files to the smallest possible file size. The image optimizer includes various compression methods and ultimately selects the one that provides the best compression for [...]
21 JULY 2017

Artificial intelligence from Google creates new AI systems - opportunities and threats

Admittedly, it has been a while since Google pointed out in its research blog that its own artificial intelligence was used to create a new AI. However, one should not only [...]
21 JULY 2017

Totally analog: Kingdomino is Game of the Year 2017 (+ children's game & Kennerspiel d. J.)

The game of the year 2017 is called Kingdomino and was published by Pegasus Spiele Verlag. It was developed by Bruno Cathala. So when you play analogue again or your children with a classic tabletop [...]
20 JULY 2017

GCI 2017: Global Cybersecurity Index shows that Germany must ensure more security

In the Global Cybersecurity Index 2017 of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), the cyber security studies in 134 countries around the world were evaluated and corresponding rankings were created. In addition to these, there are numerous statements on the measures taken by individual [...]
20 JULY 2017

Tinkerbots: Robot and machine construction kit for children from 6 years

Tinkerbots is a manufacturer of various robotics and technology sets in a modular system for children from 6 years of age. The former start-up has produced three robot sets with which basic knowledge and simple operating options are covered as well as the [...]
19 JULY 2017
How to check and delete Wordpress Cron entries, I'll show you in this guide.

Delete WordPress cron events completely and check open WP cron events

Today I had the case again that I had a customer's WordPress site that ran agonizingly slow despite being hosted on a "managed server". When calling the WP-Admin you could see that he was always [...]
19 JULY 2017
Measurement ARKit Apple Augmented Reality 3D model house

Apple ARKit: Possibilities for the construction industry and do-it-yourselfers

With the ARKit for mobile devices such as iPhone and iPad, Apple created an interface for augmented reality at WWDC 2017. With regard to the measurement of rooms and [...]
19 JULY 2017

macOS Trojan OSX / Dok installs Messenger Signal and steals banking data

According to the well-known software company Check Point, the macOS Trojan OSX / Dok is back, and this time it installs the Messenger Signal while stealing account data for online banking. The latter is basically possible without [...]