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31. August 2017
Apple Event on September 12, 2017: Let's meet at our place! iPhone 8

Apple Event on September 12, 2017: Let's meet at our place! (Short message)

It's official: the date of this year's September keynote from Apple with the presentation of the new iPhone 8, the iMac Pro, iOS 11, macOS 10.13 High Sierra, maybe an Apple Watch Series 3 and many more [...]
31. August 2017
Detect pancreatic cancer by selfie, smartphone as a diagnostic aid

BiliScreen App detects pancreatic cancer and jaundice with a selfie

A new app from the University of Washington called BiliScreen measures the yellow value in the sclera, the white, visible part of the eye, in order to detect pancreatic cancer, among other things. Because not only is a yellow discoloration of the "dermis" [...]
31. August 2017

iOS tip: Take a screenshot on an iPhone or iPad

If you want to take a screenshot in Apple's iOS operating system, i.e. if you want to take a screenshot with the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, then you've come to the right place. The creation of a screenshot on the mobile devices [...]
30. August 2017

Apple iPhone 8 - what we know so far ... (rumors)

The iPhone 8 will be introduced soon, even if we don't yet know exactly when the date for the Apple September Keynote 2017 will be. But before we can be certain, I would like to introduce the iPhone [...]
30. August 2017

Smatree SmaCup: Powerbank for Amazon Echo Dot 2nd generation

If you use the Echo Dot from Amazon and want to use Alexa not only at the socket, but also mobile in the whole apartment or even on the go, then the Smatree SmaCup is perhaps the right thing for
29. August 2017
Masking off Apple MacBook Skin, Apple Logo

Laptop sticker: Skins by TaylorHe for MacBook (Pro) and Co.

Laptop stickers, skins and design stickers for the laptop or especially for the Apple MacBook have been around since the first notebook came onto the market. Whether you are dissatisfied with the back of the laptop screen [...]
29. August 2017

macOS tip: Take a screenshot on the Mac

If you want to take a screenshot on the Apple Mac under macOS, there are various options and, above all, useful keyboard shortcuts. So you can use macOS or OS X [...]
28. August 2017
Sennheiser Digital ClipMic Lavalier clip-on microphone for Apple iOS

Sennheiser Digital ClipMic: Lavalier microphone for podcasts, interviews and videos

If you want to produce a podcast, record videos for YouTube with decent audio or record interviews with good sound, then you can make professional audio recordings with the Sennheiser Digital ClipMic - directly on the Apple iPhone or [...]
28. August 2017

Mandatory videos for iPad (Pro) users: Features of iOS 11

The mobile operating system Apple iOS 11 will be rolled out with the new iPhone 8 after the upcoming September keynote also for the iPad (Pro) and brings there with the Dock (known from macOS), Split View, Slide Over [...]
25. August 2017
The game Colossatron is mainly about destroying the world - this week for free! ;-)

Colossatron: "Destroy The World Game" becomes free app of the week

Last week's puzzle Tsuro was a game to my liking. How flexible the Apple team has to be, which selects the free app of the week, shows in the choice for this [...]