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22. February 2018

The best keyboard shortcuts for Mac

Using keyboard shortcuts on the Apple Mac helps you keep your fingers off the mouse and trackpad both in the macOS system and in individual apps. By using shortcuts, the [...]
22. February 2018

Mac Help in case of error "The installation of macOS could not be continued"

If you are about to set up your Apple Mac, set up a new MacBook or help someone start up their iMac, you might get error messages like The installation of macOS could not be continued or [...]
21. February 2018

Mouse pad with Qi charging surface

In the office, in the home office or on the private gaming computer: a mouse pad with Qi charging corner for fast charging of iPhone X, iPhone 8 / Plus, Samsung Galaxy S8, Nexus devices and other smartphones is a practical extension [... ]
21. February 2018

Open / unzip the BIN file on the Mac

Opening a BIN file on the Apple Mac is roughly the same as extracting another image directory. There are various apps and programs for Mac OS X and macOS that you can use to read, view and extract .bin files [...]
20. February 2018

Forgot Mac Password: Reset in Recovery Mode!

The Apple Mac, iMac and the mobile MacBook with Mac OS X and macOS are password-protected by the user when setting up the operating system. Have you forgotten your Mac password because you are using the computer [...]
20. February 2018

Range of the drone remote control: What does the information in FCC / CE mean?

If you want to buy a drone, especially a camera drone with photo and video recording options, many questions arise when researching the best model. Some are already answered here in the blog, [...]
19. February 2018
I found it surprising that after unscrewing only the aluminum ring, but not the lens itself, was unscrewed. The lens sits firmly in the camera.

DJI Mavic Air: Unscrew the original lens and mount the ND filter - this is how it works!

I recently explained in this post how important ND filters can be for video recordings. My ND filters for the Mavic Air are unfortunately still on their way, but I just thought I [...]
19. February 2018

iOS instructions: Force close app on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

If an app on your Apple mobile device no longer responds, if it slows down the iOS significantly, or if other problems occur, then you can force it to close. Forcing an app to quit works here [...]
19. February 2018

Disk Graph: Analyze hard disk usage in detail

Disk Graph is an app developed by Nicolas Kick for macOS on the Apple Mac, iMac and MacBook. With the software you can analyze the hard drive usage of your Apple computer in more detail than via the apple menu (apple [...]
16. February 2018

Sir Apfelot Wochenschau - Apple and tech news of week 7 2018

Another working week is over (for most of them) and of course it is time for the Sir Apfelot newsreel again. In the Apple and Tech News that I received in calendar week 7 of 2018 [...]