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31. May 2018

Keys on the MacBook no longer respond? Compressed air helps!

There have been numerous reports from users of the newer MacBooks equipped with the butterfly keyboard complaining about keys that have stopped responding. The disadvantage of the butterfly keyboard is that the key travel is so short that even [...]
31. May 2018

Atari VCS can be pre-ordered from Indiegogo (delivery in 2019)

Almost a year ago the Ataribox was announced in a mysterious manner - no one was really sure whether it should be a fake, a fan project or really a new console from Atari. After a few, after some […]
30. May 2018

Koogeek Deals: up to 41% discount with these coupon codes! (Short message)

Until next Thursday, June 7th, 2018, you can use the following voucher codes to buy Koogeek products for less on Amazon. A smart fitness device with a 41% discount, an LED light chain with app and voice control as well as [...]
29. May 2018

DJI campaign: Drones with free drone license plates worth 10 EUR (short message)

You need a license plate for drones and similar aircraft in Germany as well as for use in other countries. You can find information and details in my post on the topic: Drone license plates for quadrocopter. If you [...]
29. May 2018

Mac malware mshelper is using the CPU and fan

If the fan of your Apple Mac, iMac or MacBook is currently running at maximum performance again and again, although you do not use a lot of power in the macOS system or with individual apps, then you should take a look at the
28. May 2018

Koogeek products for the smart home with discount (promotional message)

If you use Koogeek products in your Smart Home with HomeKit or want to use them, a current discount campaign on Amazon will help you to expand the equipment cheaply. From the light switch to the light dimmer [...]
25. May 2018

Klick-Tipp - Newsletter software "Made in Germany"

As part of the big topic of data protection and the EU GDPR, which has been in force since the end of May 2018, the search for good newsletter software or a reliable mailing service provider who takes data protection-compliant mailings seriously has become a major topic. [...]
25. May 2018

Sir Apfelot Wochenschau - Apple and tech news of week 21

Today is Friday, May 25th, 2018. Not only is this the deadline on which the new General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union (EU-GDPR) comes into force, but also the occasion for a new Sir Apfelot newsreel. [...]
25. May 2018
Guide to Plus Code coordinates.

Plus codes - the better geo-coordinates?

Plus codes are geo-coordinates based on strings of letters and numbers that can be uniquely assigned to regions and locations all over the world. The assignment of plus codes and their use is for private individuals, companies, [...]