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13. December 2018

Drones fly in winter: this is how the batteries last longer

LiPo batteries are used in pretty much every drone and every quadrocopter. Such a lithium polymer battery is susceptible to low temperatures. Even a temperature around freezing point can reduce the flight time by 30 to 50% [...]
12. December 2018
Certainly not BFF (best friends forever), but I hope the customers can manage it (Photo: Sir Apfelot).

Apple Pay launched in Germany - Sparkasse not included ...

I went to my iPhone this morning with joy and grabbed the credit card to finally be able to try Apple Pay (here are instructions on how to set it up). Unfortunately, the iPhone has my [...]
12. December 2018
In the test: the Rollei lens ball with 90 mm

In the test: Rollei lens ball for creative crystal ball photography

I think I saw this thing for the first time in some Instagram ad ... paired with great examples of crystal ball photography, of course. Unfortunately, I am quite susceptible to such photo gadgets and the next time I [...]
12. December 2018

WISO tax: Mac 2019 - tax return software for the tax year 2018

The WISO control program for Apple Mac OS X and macOS as well as for Windows PC is a popular Elster alternative. The software for the tax return for 2018 provides a user-friendly interface, sample letters for correspondence with the [...]
11. December 2018
Here you can see how you can click your way through emails, websites visited and programs used on the Mac. And of course the text that you type in the text editor or in Wordpress is also recorded.

Serious Mac keylogger for macOS as a text backup system

The day before yesterday I was looking for a keylogger for my Mac (I am running macOS Mojave). The background to the search was not that I want to spy on someone or that I want to see whether [...]
11. December 2018
What an entrepreneur sometimes receives for third-party invoices on Amazon can really only be described as accounting horror. Amazon Business has a weapon in its arsenal in the form of a filter.

Amazon Business Prime - Why I became a member ...

I had known the Amazon Business solution for business customers for a long time. However, I did not see any great benefit for myself, because the advantages that I have experienced so far have been rather secondary to me: [...]
11. December 2018

Scissors, rock, paper, lizard, Spock - rules and T-shirts

Scissors, stone, paper, lizard, Spock - or Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock as it is called in the original - is a game that appeared in the US sitcom The Big Bang Theory and has since become part of the [...]
10. December 2018

Cookbooks for nerds - the best recipes for cooking and baking

You finally want to find the right nerd cookbook with which you can give someone for Christmas who can't get enough of pop culture, films, series, music, video games or similar subjects? Then you are in [...]
10. December 2018
In the test: Osmo Hot Wheels MindRacers

In the test: Osmo Hot Wheels MindRacers - a special kind of iPad racing game

A good two weeks ago the Osmo PR company sent me the game "Osmo Hot Wheels MindRacers". I didn't know much about the game until the package arrived, just watched some marketing videos. [...]
8. December 2018
With Frax HD you can admire fractals in retina resolution - also animated. A great toy for cozy Christmas days on the sofa.

Frax HD: Mandelbrot Crowd, Apple Men, Julia and other fractals on the iPad

Today there's another story about the legendary "past"! It was probably like that in the 90s of the last millennium when I had contact with "Mr. Mandelbrot" for the first time on my C64. At that time [...]