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7 December 2018

Sir Apfelot Wochenschau - Apple and tech news of week 49

The second Advent 2018 is approaching and with it the second prize in the competition, which is held for subscribers to the Sir Apfelot newsletter. But before that we come to the weekly round-up, in which I tell you Apple- [...]
7 December 2018 - The nerd and geek shop

Amazon is all well and good, but if you are looking for that concentrated load of nerdy, gadgets, shirts, gifts as well as everyday objects and decoration for geeks, then a shop specializing in this is better. Such a nerd shop and [...]
6 December 2018
The HiGoing Bluetooth 5.0 adapter is one of the few devices that offers both optical and analog inputs and outputs.

HiGoing Bluetooth 5.0 adapter (transmitter / receiver) with TOSLINK / SPDIF and aptX HD

There are plenty of (also significantly cheaper!) Bluetooth adapters on the market, all of which are sufficient to send music from an analog stereo system to Bluetooth headphones. And if you do not have high expectations in terms of sound quality
6 December 2018

Fascinating physics toys for children and adults (part 3/3)

In the third and last part of this series of articles, I will once again present several physics toys for children and adults, which can be used to illustrate physical laws, processes and rules. Fun, learning success and sometimes also a [...]
6 December 2018

AUKEY GaNFast - Faster charging with smaller devices

AUKEY recently introduced new chargers for use with the mains on one side and a device to be charged on the other. Nothing new in and of itself if these devices are not combined with compact [...]
5 December 2018

Fascinating physics toys for children and adults (part 2/3)

Science, technology, playing and learning - all of this can be realized simultaneously for children and adults with the right physics toy. In the first part of the series I already gave you the Euler disk, the Feel Flux [...]
4 December 2018
Quiet puzzling on the iPad or iPhone: ELOH is my tip for people who like to puzzle without time pressure.

ELOH - quiet puzzle game with sound tinkering for iPhone and iPad

Almost every day I look at the app recommendations that are presented by Apple in the app store. I find most things uninteresting or not recommended because of too much advertising or a subscription model. I am not fundamentally against [...]
4 December 2018

Delete key on Mac keyboard - key combination simulates "Remove"

In some cases you also need the Delete key on the Apple Mac, iMac or MacBook, which is abbreviated as Del on Windows and other keyboards. In word processing, spreadsheets, image or video editing as well as [...]
4 December 2018

Fascinating physics toys for children and adults (part 1/3)

In order to be able to immerse yourself in the world of science and technology, you need a certain amount of enthusiasm in addition to dull school knowledge. This only arises when processes can be observed and experiments can be carried out by hand. Therefore […]
3 December 2018

Book recommendation: "The Game Console" by Evan Amos

Evan Amos may be familiar to everyone who reads up on gaming consoles on Wikipedia. Because for pretty much all consoles from the first to the current generation, Amos has professional photos for the [...]