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5. January 2019
When Mac Search and Spotlight have a bug, the daily workflow becomes relatively sluggish.

Spotlight and Apple Mail searches can't find anything anymore - OnyX helps!

For a few weeks now I have been beating the problem that my spotlight index keeps going over the Wupper for an indefinite period of time. What sounds so unimportant, however, has a number of painful consequences in everyday life: Spotlight search only shows [...]
5. January 2019
With the camera app "kirakira +" all things can be made to sparkle.

iPhone app kirakira + takes photos with a glitter and glamor effect

Sometimes I come across apps that really inspire me. This is what happened a few days ago with the "kirakira +" app, which I discovered in the app store recommendations. The app is camera software that can be used both in videos [...]
4. January 2019

Sir Apfelot newsreel, week 1 2019

I wish all readers of a happy and successful 2019! So that you start well-informed in the next 52 weeks, there will of course be a weekly newsreel again this Friday. In this […]
3. January 2019
It's that easy to build a photo booth yourself.

Build your own photobooth - for weddings and other events!

The photobooth booths that you know from weddings, birthdays and other events can be built relatively easily yourself if you are willing to invest 150 to 200 euros and have an iPad. How this works will be [...]
3. January 2019
Speedport refuses Apple Mail to send emails via

Apple Mail does not send mail: Connection to the outgoing mail server failed

Somehow the problems readers have with Apple Mail are increasing. In this case, Telekom's Speedport W 724V refused to send it via Apple's own iCloud server. The error message that the reader from Apple [...]
2. January 2019
Apple Mail Tips and Tricks

Apple Mail: A connection to the XYZ account could not be established - how to fix the error!

Today a reader wrote to me that he got an error message in Apple Mail, which he found very strange. Several years ago he had a mail account in Apple Mail, which has been used for ages [...]