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31. May 2019

Sir Apfelot newsreel, week 22 2019

For many, today is bridging day, but not for Sir Apfelot: there is also a Sir Apfelot newsreel here for this Friday. In this I show you the Apple and tech news that I received in the [...]
31. May 2019

Meditation apps for the iPhone

An iPhone app for mediation and stress relief is useful when work demands a lot of you and you don't relax enough in your free time either. To listen to the body, to breathe evenly and to [...]
30. May 2019

Have you tried turning it off and on again?

Solving technical problems - especially in larger companies, but also in the family or among friends - is often the task of a suitably capable person. In addition to all knowledge and possible skills, [...]
29. May 2019

Turn off or shorten macOS screenshot preview

Since macOS 10.14 Mojave, screenshots that are created using the key combination cmd + Shift + 3 on the Mac, for example, are displayed in the lower right corner of the screen as a preview. If you click on the small picture, then [...]
29. May 2019

Grammarly: The free grammar and spell checker for English texts

Whether you are a native speaker or a German who is in contact with people in other countries, writing English texts is a common task for many. From translating German texts to writing e-mails to [...]
28. May 2019

Apple iPod touch - 7th generation available since May 28, 2019

Today Apple introduced the new Apple iPod Touch, which is a renewed version of the previous model from 2015, without much fanfare. After four years, the Apple iPod touch 2019 (seventh generation) is now available with [...]
28. May 2019
LanguageTool image

LanguageTool Plus: The German Grammarly alternative

I only became aware of the Grammarly tool a few days ago, which is a kind of instant spelling and grammar checker for texts that can be used, for example, via a browser plug-in in any text field in the Firefox browser [...]
28. May 2019

Labeling machine Brother P-Touch Cube Plus - with app for iPhone, iPad and Mac

The Brother P-Touch Cube Plus labeling and inscription device is a gadget that can be used with computers, smartphones and tablets via Bluetooth, with which labeled paper strips can be printed for sticking. Details on the labeling device, on the accessories in the form [...]
27. May 2019
Icon of the Mac app Prizmo 3

Mac app Prizmo 3: OCR or text recognition for photographed and scanned documents

I have been an enthusiastic user of the "Setapp" app flat rate for years. Why? Because I can always discover new apps there and try them out without them costing me "more", since I have my fixed [...]
27. May 2019

Learn to meditate properly with the Muse headband and brainwave measurement

The difficult thing about learning meditation on your own is that as a beginner you have virtually no idea whether you are doing it right or not. Even if some trainers, apps and websites say that there is no [...]