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27. May 2019

Instructions: Fix QuickLook errors on macOS

The QuickLook feature in the Mac operating system macOS is a fine thing. By highlighting a file or folder and pressing the space bar (alternatively cmd + Y), the corresponding content can be accessed without opening the actual program.
26. May 2019
In this practical handbook, Anton Ochsenkühn has bundled all the information that a teacher needs to have in order to start teaching with an iPad (Photo: Sir Apfelot).

Use the Apple iPad in class - the iPad Teacher's Guide helps you get started

Yesterday I received another new book by Anton Ochsenkühn that was published by amac buch Verlag: The iPad Teacher's Guide. Thanks to the publisher for the review copy. The aim of the book is to [...]
24. May 2019

Sir Apfelot newsreel, week 21 2019

Sunday is election day, in some regions not only for the European elections, but also for mayor or other elections. So don't forget to go to the polling station;) Before that, however, you can freely, directly, immediately and [...]
24. May 2019

Switch off the Apple iPhone completely - this is how it works!

Switching off the Apple iPhone completely helps to save battery power or to restart the device. By definition, shutting down the phone differs from standby mode as well as the procedure. While the power button [...]
24. May 2019

The Sims 4 Free - Free Download for a Limited Time! (Short message)

The popular simulation game “The Sims 4” is currently available free of charge in the basic version for macOS on the Apple Mac as well as for Windows on the PC. The developer EA has been offering this for five years [...]
23. May 2019

BookBuddy App - catalog books, mark them as (un) read or loaned, and much more.

Do you like to read and have an impressive collection of books? Then it's not a bad idea to catalog the individual volumes. Not only to see how many and which books are in your own possession, but [...]
23. May 2019

Change WhatsApp number - this is how changing the phone number works

If you want to use a new SIM card with a new phone number in your smartphone, the WhatsApp messenger must of course also be linked to the new number. This is the only way to keep in touch with your contacts. How […]
22. May 2019
Fake captcha wants to steal admin rights

Beware of WordPress malware: Unintentional installation via fake captcha

This article is only intended to be a brief warning and instructions for the solution, as today I once again found a new type of malware on a customer's domain. The customer wanted to ask for WordPress, plugin and theme updates [...]
22. May 2019

Mac-Browser Stack places many Internet pages next to each other in a free grid

The web browser stack for macOS on the Apple Mac is a practical tool for anyone who often wants to use several websites at the same time. Do you have to monitor individual hashtags on Twitter, Facebook and Co., for example, [...]
22. May 2019

TinEye: The reverse image search to find specific photos

The following scenario: A customer sent me an email yesterday with the request that I add an attached picture to the background of her website. She found the photo provided on Pixabay (, so that it [...]