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3. May 2019

You can now support Sir Apfelot at Steady

You can now support Sir Apfelot at Steady! If you want to support this blog, the app and other planned projects, you can donate a few thalers on the supporter page. Of course, this will not go without [...]
2. May 2019
The lettering on the individual keys is exemplary and detailed. So you can quickly find the necessary special characters and don't have to spend a long time trying.

Test report: Matias Tactile pro - the best Mac keyboard for prolific writers?

After recently a keyboard had to be used for a test (see Satechi Slim Bluetooth Keyboard), a reader report that was made available to me a few weeks ago fits today well. My reader Jochen was with the [...]
2. May 2019
Fidget Toy Cube Anti Stress Cube Toy against nervousness

Fidget Cube - anti-stress cubes for 2021

The anti-stress cubes called Fidget Cube were a trend in 2017 that ran parallel to the Fidget Spinner hype. But even in 2021, these products will still be in demand as toys for the hands, because with them [...]
2. May 2019

Erase a broken iPhone or have it repaired - what about my data?

If you have a defective iPhone that no longer works due to display damage, water damage or other damage, the memory may still be intact. Should someone knowledgeable or the Apple employee in the store use the iPhone [...]
2. May 2019

Word document: Forgot your password? How to bypass protection!

Word documents can be used for writing down recipes, Christmas greetings and wedding invitations. But also sensitive data, internal information of a company or the private password collection can be saved as doc or docx. To do this, the file [...]
1. May 2019
Buy Fidget Spinner on Amazon

The best fidget spinners in 2019

In 2017, so-called fidget spinners were a rapidly spreading trend. Children and adolescents in particular have used these finger toys to calm down, increase concentration and do something to their hands [...]