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30th of June 2019
Unsplash Wallpapers Mac app screenshot

Unsplash Wallpapers: Free wallpapers for the Mac at the touch of a menu bar

Some time ago I introduced the paid app "Wallpaper Wizard", which conjures up pretty wallpapers for your Mac. Today there is the free alternative, which is a bit older, but still works: [...]
28th of June 2019

Sir Apfelot newsreel, week 26 2019

Half of the year is almost over, as is the current week. That is why there is a Sir Apfelot newsreel again this Friday. In it I'll show you the Apple and technology news that [...]
28th of June 2019

Apple Hardware Test: Recognize technical problems on the Mac

If your Apple Mac keeps spinning, running the fan to the limit, the display freezes or the system simply crashes, this can be due to a hardware error. To find out whether something is wrong with the [...]
27th of June 2019
Spigen Apple Watch Case Rugged Armor Post Photo

In the test: Spigen Rugged Armor Case for the Apple Watch Series 1 to 4

Now that I've smashed the display of my Apple Watch for the second time, it's time to take protective measures. I bought Apple Care + for the watch because of my stupidity - and it [...]
27th of June 2019

Nuki Smart Lock 2.0 - What good is the smart door lock in version 2?

I recently heard a review of the Nuki 2 in the “Bits und so” podcast. For that reason alone, I found out more about the lock, because the Nuki is installed on the door without any structural changes [...]
27th of June 2019

In extreme heat: iPhone only charges up to 80% and protects the battery

Summer is currently a little too good for us. This affects people and animals as well as technical devices. The Apple iPhone, among others, can suffer if the [...]
26th of June 2019

Orangemonkie Foldio: light tent with lighting and turntable for 360 ° photos and videos

Foldio, that is an artificial word from "Fold" for fold and "Studio". So it's an easily stowable photo studio. The highlight: The products from Orangemonkie that bear this name bring background and light [...]
26th of June 2019

Loupedeck + now with Camera Raw for Photoshop

The Loupedeck console, reminiscent of a mixer, for photo editing, image editing and video editing is now integrated in the current version Loupedeck + with Camera Raw for Photoshop. As announced by the Finnish manufacturer Loupedeck, the integration of [...]
25th of June 2019
Keyboard shortcuts for the Mac by Jonas Kraft

Book tip: Keyboard shortcuts for the Mac by Jonas Kraft

Somehow I have the feeling that the use of keyboard shortcuts is more common among Mac users than Windows users. The concept of working efficiently with keyboard shortcuts is not just reserved for the Mac. But no matter [...]
25th of June 2019

B'n'Tree - A tree for every vacation booking

Travel and sustainability usually don't go together that well. We go on vacation by plane, help ourselves at overcrowded buffets and while we drink water from plastic bottles during the day, the air conditioning has to be switched on at night