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26 JULY 2019

Apple iPhone XR battery capacity (V, Wh, mAh)

Do you want to be able to dare a battery comparison in September 2019, when the iPhone 11 - or whatever it may be called - is presented? Then you need information about the battery capacity of a current model, such as the Apple [...]
25 JULY 2019

RFID wallet: wallet with NFC read protection

Identification chips bring added value in many areas. Not only can you identify yourself online with modern documents. A smart RFID-supported cat flap also has many advantages. However, the RFID technology is in the form [...]
25 JULY 2019

Heat wave - this is how people and MacBook stay cool

There are currently numerous reports and news on the subject of weather. This is no coincidence in summer 2019, but rather from stressful heat waves with temperatures up to or above 40 ° C. Who at the same in the office [...]
24 JULY 2019

Mighty Mac Bundle - KOINGO software for $ 29,99 instead of $ 1.814,61! (Short message)

Have you always wanted to download the app since my CleanMyMac X report? Or are you flirting with the $ 500 VPNSecure Lifetime license? Then you can really clear away now! Because the developer KOINGO Software offers [...]
24 JULY 2019

Clean the computer monitor or display on your MacBook or iMac

Especially after the uncreative "Staingate" named streak and stain problem on MacBook displays, one can ask oneself: How can one properly clean the screen of Apple MacBook and Apple iMac? I did a little research [...]
24 JULY 2019

Amazon - The new Kindle Oasis available today

Starting today, July 24th, 2019, the latest e-book reader from Amazon is available. In addition to various memory sizes, the new Kindle Oasis also offers the choice between a pure WLAN and an "Internet via cellular" version. The reader [...]
23 JULY 2019

Luminar 4 with AI Sky Replacement - Wow function replaces the sky

If you want to create art with your photography instead of a true-to-life image, you might realize this by replacing the sky in a landscape photograph. What takes a long time in apps for image and photo editing such as Photoshop or Affinity Photo [...]
23 JULY 2019

Gig Economy - Enrichment or Modern Slavery?

The term "gig economy" describes a modern form of work in which the self-employed, freelance workers or marginally employed people do work on demand. Uber drivers, Foodora deliverers, Airbnb operators and the like are tied to an online service that acts as [...]
22 JULY 2019
One can argue about taste: I personally don't like the look with the color-separated surfaces. But there are sure to be people who find exactly this beautiful.

In the test: Satechi M1 Bluetooth mouse with USB-C charging socket

After I recently tested the Satechi Slim Wireless Keyword, I continue today with a Satechi Bluetooth mouse. There really isn't that much to test in mice, but my hand is [...]
22 JULY 2019

[Update] Connect the power cable - from the luster terminal to the watertight connection sleeve

Carelessness when mowing the lawn, bored cats, hungry rodents, a broken cable or other reasons: sometimes it is necessary to repair a cable. If you want to connect two power cables after removing the damaged piece in between [...]