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30. September 2019

Tempered glass for the iPhone 11 Pro Max

With a tempered glass screen protector, i.e. a 9H screen film, you can protect your new iPhone 11 Pro Max from damage to the screen. In addition to an iPhone 11 Pro Max cover, this is the ideal way to avoid scratches, cracks [...]
30. September 2019

Alphanumeric code: Set the iPhone PIN with letters and numbers

If you want to unlock your iPhone, i.e. get from the lock screen to the home screen, you have various options: Face ID, Touch ID and unlock code. The latter is probably made up of four or six digits [...]
29. September 2019
The Anker PowerPort III works with gallium nitrite instead of silicon. This makes it significantly smaller than other chargers.

In the test: Anker PowerPort Atom III USB-C power supply with 60 watts

The Anker PowerPort Atom III is the first gallium nitrite power supply from Anker that I have reviewed. Anyone who does not know what to do with the term gallium nitrite (GaN) might like to read my article about the advantages of [...]
28. September 2019
Elegant design and functionality - the connection convinced me with the BenQ ScreenBar desk lamp (photos: Sir Apfelot).

In the test: BenQ ScreenBar - the perfect desk lamp for monitor workers

A few weeks ago, BenQ offered me to test the ScreenBar. Back then I was still thinking, "Ok, a desk lamp with LED ... nothing special, but I can take a look at it." Today I am more than [...]
27. September 2019

Sir Apfelot newsreel week 39, 2019

It's the Friday after the global climate strike, and that's why you get a regular Sir Apfelot newsreel at this point. This time I'll show you what Apple and tech news I get in the [...]
27. September 2019

AUKEY PA-D5: Charger with 2 USB-C ports and 63W power delivery

With its GanFast series, the accessories manufacturer AUKEY has brought a few practical chargers onto the market that are not only space-saving but also powerful. A relatively new representative is the AUKEY PA-D5 charger with two USB-C ports [...]
26. September 2019

Soundcore presents new "Liberty" Bluetooth headphones

Soundcore, the audio brand from technology manufacturer Anker, presented three new headphone models yesterday. All three are wireless Bluetooth earplugs with a charging case and fast charging. The individual in-ear pairs are called Liberty Air 2, Liberty 2 […]
26. September 2019

The best iPhone 11 Pro Max cases

In the meantime, the iPhone 11 Pro Max has also arrived at those who bought it right at the market launch. If you want to protect your new Apple smartphone so that it is protected from scratches and bumps, you can [...]
25. September 2019

SmartBackup: Free alternative for bootable backups on Mac

With SmartBackup you can make backups of the Mac hard drive or back up individual folders regularly. The little program is free and can even create bootable backup variants. For regularly updated backups that are always up to date [...]
25. September 2019

Wirecutter test winner: The best Bluetooth boxes 2019

Wirecutter magazine, a specialist publication of the New York Times, occasionally publishes leaderboards for various types of equipment. In June I had already introduced you to the best monitors in 2019; now a few products will follow [...]