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29. November 2019

Sir Apfelot newsreel week 48, 2019

For today's Black Friday there is of course a new Sir Apfelot newsreel. The Apple and Tech News, which caught my eye in calendar week 48 of 2019, are part of an exciting [...]
29. November 2019

List: Mac OS, OS X and macOS operating systems with name and version number at a glance

The Apple Mac has seen many operating systems; from Macintosh system software to Mac OS and OS X to macOS. To keep an overview of the Mac operating systems with names and version numbers, [...]
29. November 2019
Disk Drill Pro via SetApp for 10 EUR

Trick: Data recovery with Disk Drill Pro on the Mac for 10 euros instead of 100 euros

A few days ago my reader Bernd wrote me a message. Obviously something broke when writing to a USB memory stick and the USB stick was unfortunately no longer readable by the Mac. After some research, [...]
28. November 2019
Test of the LMP Easy Mouse 2-in-1

In the test: Wired "LMP Easy Mouse" 2-in-1 mouse with USB-C and USB-A connection

One might wonder why in the world they would want to use a wired USB mouse instead of a Bluetooth mouse. But I actually have a good reason: with a USB mouse, the batteries cannot run out at inconvenient times [...]
28. November 2019

Collective contribution to Black Friday 2019 - deals, discounts and coupons

Black Friday 2019 will take place tomorrow, which is why there are tons of discounts, vouchers and deals on Amazon, in numerous other online shops and also offline. You can use it not only for technical devices, electronics and accessories [...]
28. November 2019

Mac: Typing Siri commands instead of speaking

Apple's Siri language assistant works on a wide variety of devices through voice input. If you prefer to type in the Siri commands instead of speaking, you will find the correct settings on the Mac. Because Siri has a task or a question about [...]
27. November 2019
Error opening Word files

[Solved] Windows 10: Error when opening the file in Word or when saving to the desktop

Even if, as a Mac user, I try to stay away from Windows computers, I do not always succeed. Some of my customers have - contrary to my recommendation - Windows PCs and so here and there I have to [...]
27. November 2019

Black Friday at Skylum: Luminar 4 + individual bonuses at a great price!

Skylum Software, the makers behind the Luminar 4 app for professional photo editing, are offering their new program with various bonuses at a budget price. The Black Friday 2019 promotion comes in three stages: Luminar 4 [...]
27. November 2019

Get a 6-month Audible subscription with a 50% discount now!

For the Black Friday week you will get a special offer for the audiobook service “Audible” from Amazon: 6 months for only 4,95 € each instead of 9,95 €. The promotion can be used by new customers who [...]
26. November 2019

AUKEY promotion: Discounts for Black Friday & Cyber ​​Monday

The technology manufacturer AUKEY has also made a few products cheaper on Amazon for the time around Black Friday (29.11.2019). To get the respective discount, however, you need a voucher code. A list with [...]