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26. November 2019

tizi fuel station Pro 4x with 2x USB-C (90W)

The German manufacturer equinux has launched a new, high-performance power supply for mobile devices: the tizi fuel station Pro 4x with 2x USB-C, 2x USB-A and 90 watts. The USB-C ports have Power Delivery (PD) [...]
25. November 2019

Lecone iPhone accessories cheaper even before Black Friday!

There are a few products from the accessories manufacturer Lecone on Amazon that you can get cheaper with a voucher code. The gadgets for the iPhone usually serve several purposes: place or attach the Apple smartphone and charge it in the process. [...]
25. November 2019

DE-SAM32013: Undeliverable package - SMS spam with an expensive subscription!

Have you recently received an SMS from “TrackInfo” with the text “DE-SAM32013: Undeliverable package! Status: Your shipment has been stopped in the distribution center. Track your shipment: [Link] “got it? Then you should click the link on [...]
22. November 2019

Sir Apfelot newsreel week 47, 2019

Only one month left and all Christmas shopping should be done. If everything is planned for you in this regard, you can also sit back and read the current Sir Apfelot newsreel first. Hereinafter […]
22. November 2019

Amazon starts Black Friday week 2019

One week from now is Black Friday 2019, this year's savings day for electronics, technology and accessories, consoles, PCs and games as well as for many other products. The preliminary program on Amazon starts today with the so-called [...]
21. November 2019

Joystick Mapper: Use USB and Bluetooth controllers on the Mac

To use an Xbox, PlayStation or Nintendo Switch controller on a Mac, you usually need an additional driver or a compatible game client such as "Steam". Or the joystick mapper. For gamepads of the Microsoft and Sony consoles [...]
21. November 2019

Touchbar Pet - Tamagotchi replacement for the Apple MacBook Pro

Virtual pets have been known and loved since the "Tamagotchis" that were popular in the 1990s. With the small app Touchbar Pet, the developer Grace Avery offers a further development of the pixels equipped with needs. These find [...]
20. November 2019

Mac tip: Drag and drop high resolution photos from the Photos app

A reader recently drew my attention to the fact that his Mac compressed images that were dragged onto his desk from the Photos app. I myself noticed pictures that were outputted too small when I [...]
20. November 2019
Photos app on Mac does not update photos

Photos app on Mac does not update via iCloud Photo Library

For a few days now I've been fighting with my Photos app on the Mac (no, not because of Catalina, but still under macOS Mojave!). Why? Because it stiffly claims that it would "update", but not [...]
20. November 2019

iPhone SE 2 and iPad Pro won't come until early 2020

The rumors about a new budget iPhone and an iPad Pro with a 3D sensor have increased in recent weeks and months. At the moment, more and more reports and predictions about these devices are appearing again, [...]