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31. December 2019
Seconds display on Apple Watch, iPhone and iPad - this is how it works!

New Year's Eve tip: clock with seconds display on iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch

Every New Year's Eve, I stand in front of the house with my family and wait for the display on my Apple Watch to change from 23:59 p.m. to 0:00 a.m. Why? Because when the [...]
31. December 2019

What is a .MDX file? Can you open it?

You found an .mdx file on your Mac or PC and don't know what to do with it? No problem, because here you will find the answers to your questions about the MDX file format. But before that [...]
31. December 2019

Monopoly app against boredom on New Year's Eve

Whether alone, with family or with friends - New Year's Eve can drag on. If there is no real program besides the one on TV, you can use the recently relaunched Monopoly app to [...]
30. December 2019
Paths to the Library folder on the Mac

Mac: three easy ways to get to the library folder

The macOS "Library" folder is usually hidden in the user directory. The background is probably that Apple wants to protect the user from making unwanted changes in it, because if you play around in the wrong corners, [...]
30. December 2019

Use AirDrop with Mac, iPhone and iPad

Apple's contactless transmission technology "AirDrop" is useful for exchanging files and data between Mac, iPhone, iPad and Co. This fast data exchange option is possible both between the same devices and across platforms between macOS, iOS and iPadOS [...]
30. December 2019

What does TL; DR mean?

What does the abbreviation TL; DR stand for? Why does this abbreviation keep appearing in forums, on Facebook, in website comments or directly in blog posts? Most likely because the commented or summarized text (felt) too long [...]
29. December 2019
iMac and MacBook Air lost connection error

[Solved] MacBook Air and iMac no longer connect after macOS Catalina update

A few weeks ago my reader Alfred wrote to me that he has had problems connecting his MacBook Air to macOS Catalina since he updated his MacBook Air to his iMac. So far he has found [...]
27. December 2019

Sir Apfelot newsreel week 52, 2019

Today is the Friday after Christmas and therefore the day with the last Sir Apfelot newsreel this year. In the following you will find - this time in a slightly shorter form than usual - the Apple and [...]
27. December 2019

Pattern app Pattarina: With augmented reality against huge sheets of paper

With the Pattarina app for iOS and Android, cutting patterns can be projected onto fabric and paper using augmented reality (AR) and they can be easily traced. The free app uses a graphic anchor (a 15 cm x [...]
26. December 2019

Book recommendation: “GRM: Brainfuck” by Sibylle Berg

What will the UK look like after Brexit? What happens in and around London when privatization, digitization and artificial intelligence continue to spread? And how should children without functioning families cope in such an environment? [...]