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19. December 2019

Apple Mac Pro Teardown: iFixit certifies repairability

For some time now, you can buy the Apple Mac Pro 2019. The supercomputer for creative minds already showed a module structure during its presentation, which indicated that it could be easily repaired. This has now been [...]
18. December 2019

Turtle Beach Headsets - gaming headphones with a microphone

Turtle Beach is a supplier of input devices, spare parts and headsets. The provider's range is aimed at both gaming PCs and consoles such as Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. To the partners and ambassadors of Turtle [...]
18. December 2019

What's new at getDigital: Last-Minute Christmas Gifts 2019!

You haven't found enough nerd gifts in Monday's post? Then maybe a visit to getDigital will bring you the right idea! Because there are not only wonderful inventory items from all possible areas, but also [...]
18. December 2019

Smart Padlock and Keybox 3 - release access via the igloohome app

With igloohome, a new provider of smart padlocks will enter the German market at the end of 2019. With the Smart Padlock, the Keybox 3 and the brand's own app, you can not only lock various entrances, [...]
17. December 2019
Euro as the main currency with PayPal

Instructions: Change your PayPal business account to euros and remove US dollars

I had a long conversation with my accountant today and we came across the statement from my PayPal account. For him, the confusing thing about this document is the mixing up of transactions in euros and US dollars [...]
17. December 2019

MX Keys wireless keyboard and MX Master 3 wireless mouse with Logitech Flow

Logitech has been offering practical accessories for the Apple Mac, Windows PCs, Linux machines and more for years. With the Logitech MX Keys wireless keyboard and the MX Master 3 wireless mouse, you get two Bluetooth devices that [...]
17. December 2019

Instructions: Where can I find my (iCloud) backups on Mac, PC, iPhone and iPad?

You can easily make an iCloud backup of your mobile devices on the Apple Mac as well as on the Windows PC; from iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Local backups can also be created without the cloud storage. Lately [...]
16. December 2019
If the Mac cannot or does not want to open a program ...

Mac: Program XYZ cannot be opened because it was not downloaded from the App Store.

I assume that most Mac users already know how to bypass this message in macOS, but since a few beginners ask me every now and then, I would like to briefly address the topic with this guide. [...]
16. December 2019

Advent offers: anchor discounts until December 22, 2019 (short message)

Starting today, Anker has a few short-term discount offers for purchases on Amazon. Some of the discounts are only valid until tomorrow, December 17th, 2019. You can buy many of the products by [...]
16. December 2019

Christmas gift tips for children 2019

As the dad of two children (9 and 11 years old) I have been looking for suitable Christmas gifts for a while and would like to show you my selection of presents that I liked. [...]