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27. January 2020
Excel list last used

Completely delete the "Recently used" list from Mac Office Word and Excel

A reader recently asked me if I had a tip on how to completely delete the list of recently used documents in the Microsoft Office version of Excel and Word for the Mac [...]
27. January 2020

Pre-order the Satechi Apple Watch charger with USB-C at Cyberport

With the USB-C Magnetic Charging Dock for the Apple Watch, the accessories manufacturer Satechi has launched a practical gadget for mobile charging of the smartwatch. The small charger can be connected to the MacBook, to the [...]
27. January 2020

Great deal: 90 days of free Amazon Music HD streaming

With Amazon Music HD you can experience music streaming in premium quality. From now on there are over 50 million songs of various genres and artists for new customers for 90 days free of charge. The great deal is still until [...]
27. January 2020

Warning, WhatsApp scam! DO NOT pass on verification code!

If you receive a code for WhatsApp verification via SMS without being asked and are asked to enter it on a website - then do NOT do this! You should also not give him any contacts, regardless of whether they are known or [...]
26. January 2020
Photo Apple system status

Apple System Status: Find iCloud outages and issues with other Apple services here

If you get an error message when buying apps or music or you are no longer receiving emails via your iCloud account, then maybe it's time to go to Apple's central status page [...]
24. January 2020

Sir Apfelot newsreel week 4, 2020

The first month of the year will soon be over, and with today's Friday it is almost the fourth calendar week in 2020. Accordingly, you will get a new Sir Apfelot newsreel in which I [...]
24. January 2020

Desk lighting: Cheap ScreenBar alternatives on Amazon

Last year I introduced you to the BenQ ScreenBar in a test. This is a desk lamp that can be attached to the iMac or computer monitor in such a way that the area in front of it is illuminated, [...]
23. January 2020

Mac: How to Resolve Error 1008F While Installing macOS

I recently received an email from a reader who wanted to downgrade his 2018 Mac Mini from Catalina to Mojave. When starting with cmd + R, however, he got a globe with an exclamation mark [...]
23. January 2020
air up hydration system photo

In the test: the air up bottle - the odor-drinking system

I know I'm prone to gadgets, and especially those that have a halfway crazy approach. In this case it is a question of a drinking bottle that sells water to the drinker as a drink with taste [...]
22. January 2020

Apple MacBook Pro 16 ″ - basic model 350 euros cheaper than in the Apple Store!

Are you considering buying a current MacBook Pro with a 16 “display? Then you shouldn't currently do this in the Apple Store, but on Amazon. There are the two standard variants (see below) with 300 or [...]