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17. February 2020

My experience: Joyn Plus + in the free trial month

The streaming provider Joyn not only has films, series and live TV in its range, but also a free trial month. The exclusive “Plus” content can be viewed during this free month. Then the subscription is available for either € 6,99 [...]
17. February 2020

Overview: the suction power of current vacuum robots in comparison

Vacuum cleaner robots, or vacuum robots for short, have been enjoying great popularity for several years. Here in the blog you can find the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Test since 2017 and the Roborock Sweep One S2018 since 50. But then like [...]
16. February 2020
Charging problem: AirPods 2 charging case defective?

AirPods 2 wireless: Case no longer charges - free exchange

With some things you only know how often you actually use them when you no longer have them. This is what happened with my AirPods 2, which I've always had in my pocket since buying it. You […]
16. February 2020
It took my brain a few minutes until the internal light came on again after switching to dark mode (Photo: Pexels / Pixabay).

macOS Dark Mode: How to Enable It and What Its Benefits

The dark mode (or "dark mode" in English), which was introduced with macOS Mojave, didn't interest me until recently. I activated it a good year ago after installing Mojave [...]
14. February 2020

Sir Apfelot newsreel week 7, 2020

Today is not only Valentine's Day, but also, fittingly, Friday. There is hardly anything standing in the way of a romantic weekend. With this Sir Apfelot newsreel, I am delivering a small collection of Apple and tech news, [...]
14. February 2020

MacDroid App - exchange files between Mac and Android smartphone

If you want to exchange files, music, photos and more between iPhone and Mac, it's very easy. It's easy to do via iTunes (up to macOS Mojave) or the Finder (from macOS Catalina); via AirDrop [...]
13. February 2020
Jump-start power banks especially for motorcycles

The test winners: jump-start power banks for motorcycles - and cars

After I recently received a lot of feedback on my experience report on a car jump-start power bank, I wanted to write something on the subject of jump-start power banks for motorbikes. I just take various tests as an opportunity to [...]
13. February 2020
Test report on the Tribit MaxSound Plus

In the test: Tribit MaxSound Plus 24W Bluetooth speaker

I've already put so many Bluetooth speakers under the microscope in tests that you'd actually think I'm fed up with the little roaring cubes. But the opposite is the case: I am [...]
13. February 2020

How to find the serial number on Apple TV

The Apple TV serial number may be required when registering the device or contacting support. But how do you find the serial number of the Apple TV? In the following I have put together various options. If the […]
13. February 2020

Youtube tip: photographed and recreated macOS wallpaper yourself

Every major release of the Apple operating system Mac OS X or macOS comes with its own background image for the desk. The latest versions of these desktop wallpapers are photographs of natural scenes. Especially […]