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4. February 2020
This is how chkdsk works on a Mac

"Chkdsk" command - what is the equivalent on the Mac?

When it comes to defective SD cards, broken hard disks or other unreadable data storage media, the "chkdsk" command is often thrown into the room in the Windows world. Not without reason, because this system's own repair command has also [...]
3. February 2020 work smart and automated

If you want to automate digital processes in your company, you can either program everything yourself or use ready-made software. The latter saves you time as well as frustration and is of different [...]
3. February 2020

Nerdy Valentine's Day: gifts for girlfriend and boyfriend in 2020

As in every February, Valentine's Day is surprisingly coming up this year too; so you should mark 14.02.2020/XNUMX/XNUMX in your calendar! If you are still looking for presents for your girlfriend or boyfriend, it will now be [...]
2. February 2020
How to put the bsdtar process back in its place on the Mac.

[solved] Mac: Process "bsdtar" requires a lot of CPU power

Yesterday morning I came to my MacBook Pro and was amazed that it - although it only ran in standby all night - was busy airing it. A look at the "Activity Monitor" utility showed [...]
2. February 2020
In the test: The Roav Jump Starter Pro Powerbank

Jump start power bank in the test - it really works!

I've had an eye on power banks with a jump start function for a good two years, but then always thought to myself: How do you want to test it? As a matter of principle, I do not write testimonials about products that I do not seriously [...]