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April 2, 2020

Logitech Streamlabs OBS now for macOS on the Apple Mac

The streaming software called Streamlabs OBS, made available free of charge by Logitech, is now also available for macOS on the Apple Mac. The software, which is made for streaming on YouTube, Twitch, Mixer and Facebook, [...]
April 2, 2020
License fox 7% discount Windows and Office

Extended: Now 7% discount on Office and Windows - License Fox offer (short message)

Many office workers are currently working from home due to the Corona crisis. License Fox is therefore making a discount code available for Microsoft Office and Windows until April 10, 2020. You get the 7% discount if you go to the [...]
April 2, 2020

GfK market research - scan purchases and get rewards (sponsor)

The company GfK, which is advertised as “Growth from Knowledge”, offers consumers the opportunity to help shape what is on offer in supermarkets with their help. To do this, your own purchases are registered via an app or the so-called GfK scanner, with [...]
April 2, 2020

NetflixParty and Watch2Gether - Watch films, series and videos together

Blocking contacts, social distancing, home office - all of this separates us spatially from friends, family and colleagues. But that doesn't mean we can't do a movie night with them. Because with NetflixParty and Watch2Gether [...]
April 1, 2020

Alternative toilet paper: With the bidet attachment, you can also do without toilet paper

Everywhere you read and see that toilet paper is becoming a scarce commodity due to senseless hamster purchases. Since the topic seems to have its own dynamic, I have the feeling that the toilet paper situation is getting worse rather than relaxed. [...]
April 1, 2020
USB load resistance

USB load resistor: what can it do, what is it intended for?

In my power bank tests, like recently the Charmast power bank, a USB load resistor is regularly used. In this article I would like to explain to you what kind of thing it actually is and what - in my [...]