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31. May 2020
Prevent Wordpress plugin updates with PHP code

Prevent WordPress plugin updates for a specific plugin

Today I had to adapt a plugin in a customer's blog so that it optically matches the website and also has a German edition. Now the problem was that the customer was always busy updating his [...]
29. May 2020

Sir Apfelot newsreel week 22, 2020

Today is the last Friday before the start of meteorological summer on June 1st, 2020, which by the way is also Children's Day;) But before all of that takes place there is a new edition of Sir Apfelot today [...]
29. May 2020

When is the PlayStation 5 coming? Price, hardware, release date

The official website of the Sony PlayStation 5 has been updated, which, according to the trade press, is a sign of an early presentation of the next-gen console. But what exactly can we expect? In the following I have briefly introduced you to
29. May 2020

PITAKA innovations: iPhone SE and Apple Watch cases made of aramid fiber (short message)

The accessories manufacturer PITAKA is launching two new products on the German market today. These are an iPhone SE case and an Apple Watch case - each made of aramid fiber. In the iPhone case for [...]
28. May 2020

Oculus Quest VR - rent and test stand-alone VR glasses

You can rent the Oculus Quest VR from technology rental company Grover to experience virtual reality without the hassle of cables or cameras. Whether games or other programs in VR, the device has 128 GB of memory [...]
28. May 2020

Sophos Home Premium: up to 45% discount on antivirus apps for Mac, PC and mobile

In a promotion at the beginning of summer, there is a discount of up to 45% on security apps for private users from Sophos. Sophos Home Premium is a smart app against viruses, ransomware, exploit attacks and other dangers [...]
27. May 2020

Instructions: Replacing the battery on all Kindle models is easy to implement

If you want to replace an Amazon Kindle battery, that's no problem. In this guide I will show you how to change the battery in the main Kindle model, the Kindle Paperwhite and the Kindle Fire tablet. Because although [...]
27. May 2020

Netflix: Better prices and more choice when streaming over VPN

If streaming films and series via Netflix is ​​not cheap enough for you, VPN offers can help keep the price down. Whether new or existing customers, taking out a subscription on foreign terms is theoretically [...]
27. May 2020
Gotway MTen 3 unicycle

Gotway MTen 3 - the EUC for beginners, children and the backpack

Since I discovered the electric unicycles (EUC for "Electric UniCycle"), I have found the different models very exciting. The first EUCs with suspension are currently coming out, but that is a topic for another [...]
26. May 2020
Test report on the Soundfreaq Pocket Kick

In the test: the Pocket Kick from Soundfreaq - my smallest Bluetooth speaker

The manufacturer Soundfreaq gave me their little Bluetooth speaker called "Pocket Kick" for a test. Apart from very tiny Bluetooth boxes that are the size of a matchbox (and have a similar sound), the Soundfreaq [...]