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20. May 2020

Cyberbunker in Traben-Trarbach: Background information on operators and Darknet sites (video)

Here in the blog it was already once or twice about the old Bundeswehr bunker in Traben-Trarbach, which served as a server location for the Darknet for years. On September 26.09.2019th, XNUMX he was taken by the police after a nerve-wracking investigation. Reported [...]
20. May 2020

AUKEY deals: buy dash cams, chargers and more for less

The following Amazon voucher codes for selected AUKEY products are still valid until May 24, 2020. Discounts of over 50 euros are possible. This time, various chargers are offered as part of the deal, including a [...]
20. May 2020

DIY Geodome kit: Build your own geodesic dome

A geodesic dome, a geodome or a geodesic dome (English) is a construction of triangles that form a hemisphere or sphere - usually as a building. Constructs formed in this way are known from various examples; from the climbing frame [...]
19. May 2020
Convert YouTube to MP3

Free Youtube to MP3 Converter - loads of spam and malware on the go

A reader asked me a few days ago how she could get a song from a YouTube video on iTunes. Of course, the path has to go through an audio file, because you want the music [...]
19. May 2020

Will the iPhone never become a USB-C smartphone?

If there is an EU decision, smartphones should have standardized interfaces for charging and data cables in the future - most likely in the form of USB-C. Apple argues against it rather badly than rightly, but will, when it comes into force [...]
19. May 2020

Phishing via Amazon fake: "An attempt was made to access your user account"

Once again there is a message from the area of ​​phishing, because I received an email that night that allegedly came from Amazon. The sender name is Security Center and the subject contains "New message!", A [...]
18. May 2020
Repair Photos Library on Mac

Repair Photos app library on Mac

At first I found the switch from iPhoto to the Photos app on the Mac to be relatively bumpy. Many sorting options and my old structure of the photo albums have been lost, but meanwhile Apple has improved over the years and meanwhile [...]
18. May 2020

Tip: adjust the balance of the volume on the iPhone

A reader recently asked me whether there was an option on the iPhone to change the volume balance. She previously had an HTC smartphone and there was the function to measure the inner ear and accordingly [...]
18. May 2020

Anker Father's Day Deals: Buy technology with a discount of up to 25%

Thursday is Father's Day, which is why Anker allows you to buy technology gifts for less with a voucher code. With the codes listed here you can save up to 25% when shopping on Amazon. Among them are [...]
15. May 2020

Sir Apfelot newsreel week 20, 2020

And the weekend is just around the corner - of course not without a Sir Apfelot newsreel in your luggage. Also for this Friday I present you the Apple and Tech News that I have received over the past few days [...]