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30. September 2020
Foxconn tightens working conditions for iPhone 12 production

Because of the production of the iPhone 12, Foxconn tightened the working conditions

The Foxconn factory in Zhengzhou (China) is responsible for the production of the iPhone 12 models, among other things. It has not only been known since [...] that the working conditions here are critical - even by Chinese standards.
30. September 2020
High CPU load due to accountsd process

[solved] Process "accountsd" requires over 300% CPU and slows down the Mac

Almost everyone probably knows this: You come to your computer in the morning and want to start working, but the Mac has secretly planned completely different things. In my case, immediately after starting up [...]
30. September 2020

iOS 14 manual with 4h video tutorials by Anton Ochsenkühn

Today the new iPhone manual from Anton Ochsenkühn appears, in which he takes a close look at iOS 14. From newbies using an Apple smartphone for the first time to Apple fans who can easily get to grips with the [...]
30. September 2020

Amazon Prime Day: special offers on October 13 and 14, 2020

“Amazon Prime Day” will be held exclusively for Prime members on October 13th and 14th, 2020. There are already some offers on the corresponding campaign page that should get in the mood for the discount marathon. In addition, [...]
29. September 2020
Solve connection problems with the Magic Mouse

Magic Mouse: Lost Connection - These Tips Will Help You ...

I am really a fan of the Magic Mouse and have been using the first model for ages, as I've only bought MacBook Pros for the past few years and you don't have to [...]
29. September 2020

iPhone 12, AirTag, and More: Apple Timeline and Tech Specs (Rumors)

Apple's annual September keynote took place on September 15th, only without an iPhone. Now there are rumors about the upcoming Apple timeline, the products to be expected and their specs. In this post you will find the [...]
29. September 2020

Apple vs. Epic Games: negotiation of Fortnite in-app purchases not until 2021?

The dispute between Apple and Epic Games, the development studio of "Fortnite", has been going on since mid-August. And it could drag on well into next year. At least that's what the statement [...]
28. September 2020
True wireless in-ear headphones EarFun Air put to the test

EarFun Air: wireless in-ear headphones in the test and in comparison with the AirPods Pro

The manufacturer EarFun sent me the EarFun Air for an extensive test a while ago. The EarFun Air are true wireless in-ear headphones that not only look good, but also have quite a few features and properties [...]
27. September 2020
Automatic unlocking with the watch no longer works since watchOS 7

Unlocking Mac with Apple Watch stopped working

Since the release of watchOS 7, the automatic unlocking of the Mac with the Apple Watch no longer seems to work. While some people get an error message, when I woke up my Mac just [...]
27. September 2020
Apple delivers numbers to the App Store

Interesting facts about the Apple App Store - only the positive ones, of course ...

Apple is currently under some pressure to justify its 30 percent "fees" that they charge app developers when they sell something through the App Store. Don't get me wrong: I think the 30 percent is perfectly fine [...]