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3. November 2020

Little Snitch 5 - network monitoring optimized for macOS Big Sur

Litte Snitch is a Mac app that is used for network monitoring and offers you z. B. shows which software wants to transfer data over the Internet. Together with Micro Snitch, I already gave you the tool before [...]
2. November 2020
PHP warning Continue targeting switch is equivalent to break.

WordPress Error - Warning: "continue" targeting switch is equivalent to "break"

Today I moved a customer's WordPress blog to a subdomain because she wanted to run the site in a kind of internal area. The main domain should be redirected for this. After I set up the subdomain in Ionos [...]
2. November 2020

TubeBuddy - Easily manage and optimize YouTube channels

If you want to build a community on YouTube and have commercial success, you need a little help. Search engine optimization, thumbnails, and the right tags for the video are areas that such help is quite good for. [...]
2. November 2020

AirPods Pro recall - exchange in the event of crackling and problems with the ANC

With the neutrally named "Service program for AirPods Pro in case of sound problems", Apple has started an exchange program for its ANC earplugs. Affected devices are said to have been manufactured before October 2020 and show crackling or static sounds as symptoms [...]