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31. December 2020 - Logo Maker and Mockups - Create logo and mockup in the browser

Before I discovered, I used "mockuuups" for years when I made post images for my blog posts. When it came to software problems on the Mac or iPhone, I picked out an appropriate template and then [...]
31. December 2020

Jony Ive: The Apple design genius

With “Jony Ive: The Apple Design Genius”, Leander Kahney provided a biography of the then Apple employee and chief designer of the Cupertino group in 2014. On 368 pages and in 13 chapters there are biographical details as well as [...]
31. December 2020

Online Therapy - Do Internet Psychotherapy Help?

Not only the lack of therapy places, but also the coronavirus has been intensifying the discussion about psychotherapy offers over the Internet for some time. Online therapy can help people of all ages and with all kinds of problems. There are different [...]
30. December 2020
This is how you quickly empty the battery of an Apple Silicon MacBook Pro

The fastest way to discharge the battery of an Apple Silicon MacBook Pro

I didn't think I'd write an article about it one day, but now it has come to that. Apple seems to have solved the battery problem with laptops so well that I already [...]
30. December 2020

Insert Mac app icon in Photoshop / Affinity Photo: Here's how!

If you want to use the app icon of a macOS software in a graphic, there are several ways to do this. For example, you can search for the app icon on the internet. You can also take a screenshot of the dock [...]
30. December 2020

Online courses: advantages and disadvantages of e-learning

Due to the coronavirus and the associated restrictions, the term “homeschooling” or “home schooling” has also found its way into German-speaking countries. In addition to teaching school content, there are many other areas in [...]
29. December 2020
In the test: The Satechi Quatro Wireless Powerbank

In the test: Satechi Quatro Wireless Powerbank for Mac, AirPods, iPhone and Apple Watch

The Satechi Quatro Wireless Powerbank recently reached me from Satechi. An additional battery that has four different charging technologies and is therefore particularly versatile in practice. The power bank was given to me for free for the test [...]
29. December 2020

Mac Instructions: Editing Word and Pages Dictionaries

Accidentally added a misspelled word to the Microsoft Word or Apple Pages dictionary? Do you want to delete the wrong entry so that the spelling is displayed as incorrect again, i.e. underlined in red? [...]
29. December 2020

More than just Apple Watch: health and technology

Not only the measuring instruments in the hospital, the clinical thermometer in the doctor's office or the X-ray machine in orthodontics represent technology on behalf of medicine. With the Apple Watch, the technology giant from Cupertino has, for example, [...]
28. December 2020

Instructions: Enter slash, backslash and vertical bar on the Mac

If you want to enter a slash, a simple vertical line or a mirrored slash on the Apple Mac, then you need certain key combinations. The slash, which is also called slash and is used, for example, as a divided symbol, as well as the [...]