DE-Alert Warning Day 2022: How did it go for you?

How announced yesterday, the DE-Alert Warning Day 2022 took place today with a Germany-wide "cell broadcast" alarm. On my iPhone, at 10:59 a.m. on time, two warning messages in combination with a loud, unpleasant and irregular warning tone arrived. As previously announced, this was played even though I had switched the device to mute instead of putting it into ringing mode. The sound only stopped playing when I pressed the side button (on the right side of the iPhone). Previously, even when interacting with the notifications, it continued to play.

One of the two identically worded alerts that popped up on the iPhone's lock screen. Cell broadcast DE-Alert warning day 2022, screenshot on iPhone 12 Pro under iOS 16.1.2
One of the two identically worded alerts that popped up on the iPhone's lock screen. Cell broadcast DE-Alert warning day 2022, screenshot on the iPhone 12 Pro below iOS 16. 1.2

The DE-Alert warning messages in detail

I don't know why I got the same message twice. In both of them, however, it said directly on the lock screen under the heading "Emergency alert": 

Thursday, December 08.12.2022th, 10 – 59:1 a.m. – test warning – for Germany – there is no danger. - Further information at Published by: Federal Office for Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance, National Warning Center XNUMX Bonn

This is what it looked like full size.
This is what it looked like full size.

The all-clear is awaited

The all-clear was supposed to be given at 11:45 a.m. So far, however, this has been a long time coming. If it still arrives, here's an update.

How did the DE-Alert warning day go for you?

How did your end devices give the alarm? Did you have a siren alarm or other emergency alert systems in combination with the notifications on the smartphone that were tried during today's test period? Feel free to leave a comment; also and especially if you do not use an iPhone or if another device reacted to the cell broadcast in addition to the iPhone. I look forward to your feedback!

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26 Responses to "DE-Alert Warning Day 2022: How did it go for you?"

  1. iPhone 11pro, Telekom: CB came like you at 10:59 a.m. (but not twice), NINA only came 5 minutes later. All clear also came via CB.

    iPhone 5s, o2: CB doesn't work with the device, NINA came up with nothing.

  2. Beatrice Willius

    Me: Cell phone too old, at least I heard the sirens.
    Sister: not a peep on the cell phone.
    Mother: Sirens not heard. But she saw it on the telly.

  3. So even though I read it 5x before that it's happening today, I was still panicking trying to figure out what device is making those weird sounds.

    Then when I got my iPhone, I didn't know how to stop the howling. Both dogs stood next to me and wondered if the world was going to end. Then the sirens came and the panic was complete. 😂

    I hope they don't do the warning days too often a year, otherwise the dogs and I would die of cardiac arrest.

  4. Martin Schellmoser

    On my Galaxy, the warning came just before 11, pretty unmistakable. So far, however, there has been no all-clear…

    I know two people with the latest iOS on their iPhone where the phone hasn't made a peep. And airplane mode wasn't on either...

    1. Hello Martin,

      maybe the latter is due to the fact that warning messages are deactivated in the settings? As pointed out in yesterday's post: View here.

      Best regards

      1. Nonsense! The message had priority 1 and cannot be switched on or off! These switches in the telephone are intended for priority 2 and 3.

        1. Martin Schellmoser

          Then I still have no explanation as to why the phones gave NO signal... They were unlocked, logged into the network (one with Telekom, the other with O2), and flight mode was also off.

      2. What is called a test warning in the settings should be left switched off. These are functional tests, in-house, so to speak. The warning test today is also called a test, but ran functionally as a real warning. And they also arrive when the test warning is switched off. *headache*

  5. For me at 10:59. not with my wife. But it was cleared up, the iphone was still blocked from the last automatic update. No sirens in town.

  6. Wolfgang Wiegman

    my iPhone 14pro didn't say anything either. I don't know whether it was due to the settings; I can't find the setting option described under 'Notifications'.
    Wouldn't be bad if I could do it before Putin comes.

  7. I got nothing. As I checked afterwards, everything that could be done was done. (Except test warning mode)
    The iphone SE2 was next to me on the desk, NINA was activated,
    And was in WiFi mode (from Telekom)
    The SIM card is 1&1. As I said, nothing came.

    My wife's iPhone 6 - she is ignorant of technology, has neither katwarn nor NINA on it, and was driving with it in the car - raised an alarm.
    The only reason I didn't hear the sirens is hopefully because my ears are closed from a bad cold.

  8. On my iPhone13 mini / Telekom, the warning message also came at 10.59:XNUMX a.m. Nina can't go until about half an hour later; Katwarn not at all.
    There was no warning message on the iPoneSE2020 / telekom, although everything was set correctly.

  9. I heard it... on my wife's iPhone in the next room. Nothing happened with mine, because I had not previously activated the test tone in the settings.

    1. Hello Uwe! The warning was a highest category warning and should also pass the test off, do not disturb and focus. The test switch should not have had any effect in this case.

    2. I believe on iOS 12 and lower this warning doesn't work if I read it correctly. Maybe you have a device with lower iOS?

  10. I deleted the apps a long time ago. They never worked the way they were supposed to. However, a large part of the population seems to have been reached via cell broadcast.

    1. Yes, I would say that is also technically the right way, since apps like to be "killed" by iOS when they just need memory. Cell broadcast should always work...

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