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We have already introduced you to the DeepL translator here and there. However, it can now be used so extensively and individually that it should appear again as the pick of the week. Because next to the Website, on which you can have texts from different languages ​​transferred to other target languages ​​for free and without registration, there are also app solutions for the Apple Mac, for the Windows PC, for iPhone and iPad. There is also a Pro model that transfers up to 100 files per month for a fee and allows individual glossaries. 

The DeepL translator uses machine learning to offer better translations of texts - now in 24 languages ​​and free of charge for texts with up to 5.000 characters. Here you will find all information about the website, app and DeepL Pro subscriptions.

The DeepL translator uses machine learning to offer better translations of texts - now in 24 languages ​​and free of charge for texts with up to 5.000 characters. Here you will find all information about the website, app and DeepL Pro subscriptions.

What makes the DeepL translator so special?

There are numerous translation services and language apps from a wide variety of providers. Google is probably still the most used service, thanks to the Google Translator that has been available for a long time. Apple also offers a solution with the Translate app on the iPhone and iPad, mobile and even with offline use if you download the respective language packages. 

But DeepL has stood out from all the offers for some time because the offer works with machine learning, which makes the translations better and better. They are not always free of errors, especially with specialist texts and complicated sentences. But they are good for conveying the content, for translating simple texts without errors and for writing e-mails to people whose language you don't speak very well, for example.

Articles from 2019: Extensive presentation of the DeepL translator

DeepL translates these languages

New languages ​​are constantly being added to the DeepL language selection. The offer is slowly developing into a broad-based and globally usable translation service. You can currently translate the following 24 languages ​​with DeepL (as of July 14, 2021):

  • bulgarisch
  • Chinesisch
  • dänisch
  • German
  • English
  • estnisch
  • finnisch
  • French
  • Griechisch
  • Italienisch
  • japanisch
  • lettisch
  • Litauisch
  • Dutch
  • Polnisch
  • portugiesisch
  • Rumänisch
  • Russisch
  • Swedish
  • Slowakisch
  • Slowenisch
  • Spanish
  • tschechisch
  • Hungarian

DeepL translator as a web solution and free app

On the website you can enter your text directly with a maximum of 5.000 characters. If you insert it in the left field, the language will be recognized automatically. It can then take a few seconds, depending on the length of the text; but then the translation is displayed directly in the right field. You can copy it from this and then use it for your purposes. Texts are only recognized and translated in the languages ​​listed above.

At the top of the website you will also find a blue button that indicates that you can download the DeepL app for your computer. For example, I say “DeepL for Mac free”. If you access the site via a Windows PC or perhaps via Windows on a Mac, you will be offered the download for the Microsoft operating system. Thanks to the app, you don't always have to go to the website, you can use it to translate.

It works in a similar way with the DeepL app for the iPhone and iPad. There was already a detailed article about this here in the blog: DeepL App - AI translator now also for iPhone and iPad. I installed the app myself on my iPhone and found that it works just as well as the website. The only problem is that there is no offline translation yet. If you want this, you have to switch to the Apple or Google app. Here is a contribution to it: Translate app - download languages ​​for offline mode (+ alternatives).

DeepL Pro: Various subscriptions and prices

Last but not least, there is also “DeepL Pro” as a solution for people and companies who have to translate a lot. With Starter, Advanced and Ultimate, various subscriptions are available, which can cost up to € 59,99 per month. If you opt for annual billing, the maximum monthly price is only € 39,99. There is no limit to the number and length of translations in all three paid programs. 

In addition, 5, 20 or 100 files with a maximum size of 10 MB each can be translated. You can individually choose whether the formal or informal form of address should be used. Further options, which are possible especially in the higher-priced subscriptions, are your own glossaries, for example as a CSV file. There is also a CAT tool integration. You can find the individual offers, services and prices at 

Your opinion on DeepL

What is your opinion on the DeepL translator and where do you use it? I personally like to use it to translate more complicated sources for copywriting assignments. However, it struck me again and again that the translation is not 100% error-free here and there and that some long sentences are transmitted bumpily. Manual rework is still an option. Or how do you see that? Feel free to leave a comment on the topic!



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  1. Martin Schellmoser says:

    All I need is an Android version for absolute convenience.

    Otherwise, the translation quality is awesome! Almost always flawless. Much better than the google translator.

  2. Beatrix Willius says:

    I use Deepl for the translations in my program. I wrote a small app with a Deepl connection. With this I can fish out the new texts to be translated and send them to Deepl. It is very important that I can use it to define words that Deepl should not translate, such as the name of the program. A printable translation of the manual is still on the to-do list.

    I have the 5 euros a month developer tariff and then pay extra. I just see that I can save the 5 euros. They are nice people.

    The funniest bug when translating was a quit. This turned into a "Quit smoking".

  3. P. Vogel says:

    My American pen pal sometimes uses idioms that I know the words of but am unsure of the meaning. But Deepl helps me brilliantly!

  4. Thomas says:

    I also paid for DeepL. Helps me to translate quickly and effectively from English or Russian. I deleted all of the other apps. If you like to use Popclip, we recommend the add-on for DeepL. Mark it, click DeepL in Popclip and let it translate. Finished :-).

  5. Karin says:

    Of all the translation programs I've tried so far, Deepl is the best. The translations are fluent and I don't have to correct a lot, even with specialist texts. Google, on the other hand, was more or less unusable because correcting the translation was more work than the translation itself.

    • Jens Kleinholz says:

      Yes, it was the same for me. I recently saw that you can load entire Word documents into Deepl. They are then translated including the formatting. And you can even open them in Pages and then edit them. It's super practical!

  6. Mishu says:

    I've been using deepl for years - privately and professionally. In emails, technical texts, operating instructions - just everything where I am unsure. It is particularly helpful that I can communicate with friends, whose language I do not and they do not speak mine, in each other's language. Possible corrections are limited.
    I don't know of an inexpensive translation program that is better.

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