DejaVideo: Mac app as a "dash cam" for the screen

DejaVideo is a handy little Mac app from developer Jasper Hartong. The free software records the screen under macOS and immediately outputs the last 60 seconds at the user's request. The rest can also be spent, it just takes longer. To speed up the process, 3 fps and a 50% smaller scaled image is used. However, developers can see where they made a mistake in programs, for example. Or you can recreate the crashed Word document. DejaVideo can also be useful when working on WordPress, writing scripts and using plugins.

The DejaVideo app for the Apple Mac records the screen in a space-saving and energy-saving way so that errors can be traced.
The DejaVideo app for the Apple Mac records the screen in a space-saving and energy-saving way so that errors can be traced.

DejaVideo with secure, local application

The developer promises on the Download websitethat the program under no circumstances interacts with the Internet. He gives a 100% offline guarantee; not even updates for the app are automatically checked. No usage statistics are collected or other user data is stored, passed on and/or processed. The user can decide for himself whether and when to start and end his screen recording. After the output of the last session, the video can then be viewed in Apple Quicktime trim at will. So you could also work for the support if you have recorded your error.

Full quality screen capture: Movavi Screen Recorder 10

My opinion on the practical app

I would install DejaVideo to be able to recover texts lost due to some crash or corrupt Wordpress session. For many "I didn't do anything!" support issues, it would also help to look at what the affected person did. But mostly the causes are days ago and the query only comes when the error is no longer comprehensible. That being said, looking at what's happening on someone else's desktop for a long time is quite an invasion of privacy. Then rather AnyDesk use and try to solve the problem remotely;)

What do you think? For which work and projects would you use DejaVideo? Feel free to leave a comment on the topic!

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